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This Photos are of my recent build , i enjoyed this build. Kit; Kinetics 1/32 Resin; Avionix cockpit Paints ; Alclad 4 different shades Decals; Superscale (old) I used the stars, instead of the plane kill marks Hope you enjoy Kelly.

“The Huff” F-86F 1/48 academy

Hello my colleagues!!! After my small modeler pause I´m back. When I finished University and got a new job, I started worked on Sabre and there is result. I think, that everybody knows this kit. Fitting of main parts are really good, but details[...]

F-86 E/M, Academy 1/48

My last work, the Academy F-86E 1/48 in Yugoslav colors. Markings are home made with decal paper + painting masks

SAAF Sabre – Bush war 1/48 Academy

The South African Airforce operated the Canadair CL-13B Sabre Mk.6 from 1956 to 1980. The first Sabre's flown by SAAF Pilots were during the Korean War. This is my rendition of the last Sabre to fly in the SAAF. I admit I need to take better ph[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 F-86E conversion

The F-86E Sabre began life as the NA-170, with initial development commencing on November 15, 1949, with a contract for 111 aircraft under the designation F-86E finalized on January 17, 1950. Externally, the F-86E was identical to the late pr[...]

F-100 D Super Sabre

This is Monogram's classic Super Sabre in 1/48 scale. It is typical 70's and 80's Monogram with raised panel detail and good detail ie. open gun bay ammo chute, open speed brake and raised cockpit details. This model represents an F-100 D from [...]

North American F-86 D “Sabre Dog early” in 1/48 scale

Hi another "walkaround" this time on my Revell/Monogram F-86D everthing is written about the quality of this kit it s true, simply great...and cheap. My version is the earlier type without the parachute housing at the tail, Revell provided three[...]

F-86 D Sabre Dog

This is Revell's SUPERB F-86 D Sabre Dog dressed up in the colourful markings of the unit commander of the famous 94th 'Hat in a Ring' Squadron based at Selfridge AFB, Michigan 1959. The F-86 D was the hottest looking thing in the inventory of A[...]

F-86 Sabre in 1:48

Hi again, this one is also from the last year, Academy's Sabre in 1:48 scale with addition of Eduard's cockpit, CMK Gun and ammo bay and full scratch build of air brakes compartments. This one in particular depicts the plane in state when it ar[...]

Hasegawa F-86A Sabre

This is the 1/48 Hasegawa F-86 Sabre, using the Cutting Edge resin conversion set and Meteor Productions decals to create an F-86A Sabre. The first prototype, 45-59597, had been completed in August 1947, powered by a Chevrolet-build J-35-C-3, p[...]