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scratch-built models and the art of scratchbuilding

Help with the next 1/32 scale scratch build project

Choices, choices, With the PC 6 coming to an end, I have been trying to see what I would try next, and I cant make up my mind, so I thought I would put it all on the table and have the esteemed group here at i modeler help me decide. I [...]

Gibson Les Paul /1:10 scratchbuild/

Hi, This time I'd like to present model that perhaps to be quite unusual. Planes, tanks and other automotives seem to be most popular objects of scale modeling. Guitar model could seems not interesting for everyone. But those who enjoy [...]

Pilatus PC 6 Scratch Build 1/32 scale

Here we go again, this build has been an absolute challenge from the beginning. I have found that I have problem solving skills that I never thought I had. Before I left for the Congo I decided to laminate the wings from 1mm Plastic card [...]

Pilatus PC 6 1/32 scale scratch build

I have posted some more progress pics of the Pilatus, I have installed the scratch built cargo pallet with drums and jerry cans, and installed the roof, I needed to shape the roof to get the fit ok. Hope you like it so far.

PC 6 1/32 scale scratch built

This is the progress so far... Changed the spinner on the propeller, the old one was too blunt, the PC 6-H12 had a longer more pointed one, scratch built the tail wheel, and painted the nose white to see how the rivets and panel lines will [...]

USS Sangamon CVE-26 Scale 1:72, All Scratch

Hi there, well this model here has become something very special to me as you can imagine. I had the dream to build such a model for over 25 years until I finally felt confidet enough to built it. It took me 5 1/2 years or a bit over 4300 [...]

Scratch build 1/72 Gulfstream G650 ER

...So I've always wanted to build models from scratch because I knew there where some aircraft that just weren't available from manufacturers. Recently I made the decision to give it a go. Part of why I build airplanes models is because [...]

Supra leftovers

greetings fellow modellers, i present to you my project supra. my friend gave me this with question "what can you do with this?" well, first to close few holes scratchbuild new dashboard, frame, steering, winch, beer [...]

Monkey Business.

This is a True Story my wife and I always go for a walk on the beach,and sometimes we have silly people who drive their cars on the sand,well this day we had this mad man drive his car a little to close to us so as you can see by the pic I [...]

Another Bill Bosworth Masterpiece – 1/48 Sikorsky S-40 (scratchbuilt)

Whoops - it's 1/48! Still has a 32-inch wingspan For those who don't know what the S.40 was: Sikorsky designed the S-40 in response to a request from Juan Trippe, president of Pan American Airways, for a larger passenger carrying [...]