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scratch-built models and the art of scratchbuilding

2nd Build Report M107 175mm Mechanized Howitzer

Setting: I reported earlier on the build and post-detailing of this Tamiya-Italeri kit out of the seventies. This build also suffered delays because of my workbench being unavailable for months due to refurbishment works in my home. The [...]

1/32 scale Piper Pawnee BraveScratchbuilt

Well here comes 2017, and I have decided to do full on scratch building, there are no cool civil aircraft in 1/32 scale, so I decided to build my own. I have always wanted a Crop Duster and I came across a plan while I was in the Congo and [...]

1/48 Bleriot xiii

This is a full scratch model of a Greek Bleriot captured from Turkish air force on 1922.I hope you like it.

M107 175mm Mechanized Howitzer (Tamiya-Italeri) 1:35

Some history: This kit dates back from the seventies but has been reboxed and retooled by Tamiya recently. There are some kit add-ons and three figures. I was intrigued by the story of these massive L/60 Howitzers during the siege of Khe [...]

Grigorovich M-20

Because I created a set Grigorovich M-5, which was written here (link), it's time to make a model of Grigorovich M-20. Essentially boat M 20 - M is a modification of the boat-5, but with the engine Le Rhone. The rest of the visual [...]

Scratchbuild 1/43 Motorcycle VS-1

Hello! I present a new work by our colleague Vitaly Steputenko- motorcycle made from scratch. I beg to love and favor !

Limited series resin 1/72 Grigorovich M-5

The M-5 flying boat was a considerable success of the early Russian aviation. Commercially built from 1915 to 1919, it was used in the Baltic, Black and North Seas and the Volga. Modification with Le Rhone engine was called the M-20. The [...]

Grandpa's Tomcat >Burgess Dune AH-7

These machines were used by the US Navy during the early years before WWI. The strange looking aircraft was a pretty interesting design for it’s time, it even could have been called a flying wing, cause there was no tail at all. Another [...]

Dornier Cs II Delphin 1924 US Navy, 1:72

It started with a kit but it ended as a complete scratch build. I stumbled across this kit from a short run manufacturer (Lüdemann) during a model show near Munich Germany. Actually it looked pretty well inside the bag and the price, as [...]

Schneider Cup 2.0 ?

After the smashing success with the Red Bull Air Races, the Austrian company announces a reprise of the legendary Schneider Cup Trophy. This cup, which was once the meeting place for the world’s fastest piston engined powered air racer [...]