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scratch-built models and the art of scratchbuilding

Amazing 1/5th scale P-51D Mustang by Mr. David Glen

Found during my recent visit to RAF Cosford was this new, massive P-51D model which is now adorning the entrance hall to the museum and which I thought is worth sharing. This model was built and donated by Mr David Glen as a tribute to [...]

'An Inglorious End'Scratch built 1/32 B-17 Fortress Diorama

Hi guys - this is one I finished last year. It's a 1/32 Fortress, scratch built and based on the old Combat Models vacform. Total construction time was 18 months. The HK Models kit was released about a year into the project, and my build [...]

Airspeed AS5 Courier and Airspeed AS45 Cambridge

Hi I would like to share with you two new models made by my father during the last week. Here are some photos. The Airspeed AS45 Cambridge was made from balsa wood but the Airspeed AS5 Courier was made from a resin kit. Airspeed AS 5 [...]

General Aircraft Limited GAL 49 Hamilcar

Hello I would like to share with you the last series done by my father. He decided to continue enlarge our collection with gliders. After doing the Horsas some months ago, it was time for the Hamilcar. We would like to thanks Jed and [...]

RAF Fuel Truck 1/35 scale Almost scratch built.

This was not a easy build, but I had to do it. Here is the list. I started with a quad tractor. Cut off the back and capped it. Scratched the chassis and added dual wheels to the rear. Tank was made of evergreen plastic with a lot of Micro [...]

Almost scratch-built armored car

This was built on the 1/16 scale Mercedes two seat race car. Not a prototype but my rendition of some of the early armored cars. Most of these were a one off built at the local boiler maker shop. I used the chassis and the rest is sheet [...]

The Mack “Hoover Dam ” Dump Truck and Marion Steam Shovel, 1931

I'm not really a truck or car modeler, but once in a while I like to build something different. I've always been a fan of construction equipment, especially older, cable operated excavators. There's not much in the way of steam shovel kits [...]


hello everyone, i would like to share this with you, and to add some what if/ sci fi models to the site. this would be my idea of what would happen with alternative ww2 ending, with new jumps in technology the model was done in august [...]


My new job in the style of Egg-Plane. Happy viewing. Regards, Vlad.

Alan Wolfson – Master of Diorama Building

What's that giant quarter doing in the New York subway station? Actually, the entire scene is a diorama, or "miniature urban sculpture" created by Alan Wolfson. Alan Wolfson specializes in modeling urban environments. Complete [...]