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scratch-built models and the art of scratchbuilding

1/32 Scale Scratch Built Buccaneer, Part 2

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that you will all have a wonderful and successful new year, Here are a few progress pictures for you guys to have a look at and hopefully enjoy, I am not going to bore you with all the details of the [...]

C-3 105mm Royal Canadian Artillery Howitzer Built from Scratch

This is the C-3, upgraded C-1 with longer barrel for longer range. This Howitzer is for close support, it is mobile for quick reaction movement for supporting front line units with fire with extended range munitions up to 18km. This Model [...]

LANCASTER Mk1 Heavy Bomber 1942

This is the Lancaster Bomber i built for a friend of mine in 2018. This Particular Aircraft was shot down on Dec 31st 1942 over Germany by a Me110 2 engine fighter. No one survived. Built from pine, from scratch, detailed also with the [...]

M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer Built from Scratch

This is the BAE Systems M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer. The M777 came into the Canadian Army in 2005 eventually to replace the M109A4B+ Self Propelled Howitzer of the same 155mm caliber. This gun can shoot a GPS Guided round 40km. With a RAM, [...]

Bren Gun Carrier MkII Scratch Built

This is a Canadian WWII Expeditionary Force MkII Universal Carrier of the 1st Canadian Division Carleton & York Regiment. Built from Pine.

Canadian WWI AutoCar Scratch Built

This is a 8 inch long WWI AutoCar built from pine. This was a new build a couple years ago.

1-1 SCALE Daniel Defense MK18 Close Quarters Battle Receiver Built from Scratch

HOPE ITS ALLOWED. This is a MK 18 CQBR Assault Rifle Model, Used by Special Forces, US NAVY SEALS, DELTA, JTF 2. Full Scale, Built from pine, equipped with a Vector R4 Scope, PEQ-15 Target Designator, forward Handle grip, iron sights. The [...]

Spitfire MkVI

This is my newest model Aircraft. Spitfire Mark six was not the best or the most favourable variant but I want to make it because it is unique and it’s ways. This is one of my foot-long’s built from scratch. Built from Pine.


Hello all. My Name is Aaron Bouma. I am an Autistic Scratch model builder. I am a proud Autistic Military Historian. I serve as Military Specialist for Carleton County New Brunswick Canada. I Own Bouma Woodworks where I build military [...]


The Voltage Magazine is visiting some of the far-flung parts of the Universe. This week´s cover boy is Gary O´Donell, an universal electrician, 2nd class. Where the heck are we, Gary? You are in Four Delta section, son. We don´t get [...]