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Airfix 1/48 Seafire 17 (repost)

I just took a few better pics and posted them. Again, it's a great kit straight from the box. I painted it with Humbrol enamels including my last tins of Humbrol Authentics Slate Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey. I must have had these tins since [...]

Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Seafire FR47

Here is my Seafire FR47, built from the Airfix kit. Built pretty much OOB with the addition of Barracuda resin cameras to fill in the empty spaces behind the clear camera ports. Paint was Floquil extra dark sea gray on the upper surfaces, and [...]

Airfix Seafire F.R.47 with Cooper Details upgrade

The Seafire F.R.47 was the last of the line that began in 1935 with K5054, the Spitfire prototype. It was twice the weight of the original, with two and a half times the power and an additional 100mph in top speed, not to mention a cannon armam[...]

Seafire F.45 – Aeroclub conversion of Airfix kit

Throughout the development of the carrier-based Sea Spitfire, which was known as the Seafire, developments in the land-based series of fighters were reflected in approximate naval equivalents. The first of the Griffon-powered Seafires was the M[...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Supermarine Seafire LF Mk. III

One that almost became the second occupant of the shelf of doom. Why, you ask? I was about half way through when Tom Cleaver published his authoritative "Frankenspit", and I knew all was lost. Eventually built OOB, it came together well. After a[...]

Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Seafire Mk 47

Well at long last I got this completed, it is actually my second attempt at this kit the first one fell at the last hurdle when the matt varnish dried white and ruined the entire build, I've never seen that happen before and have been offered a [...]

Supermarine Seafire XV in 1/48

Let me start by saying I’m not the world’s greatest modeller. Nor am I the fastest. I am however a Spitfire/Seafire-holic and what you’re now looking at is a seven month labour of love. But let’s start at the beginning… This is a story of a [...]

1/32 Seafire L. Mk.III.

This modeling project was done about 10 years ago and is the results of a conversion of the Hasegawa 1/32 scale Spitfire Mk.Vb to a Seafire L. Mk.III. This build was a joint venture. The basic building, cockpit interior and resin Seafire convers[...]
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