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1/48 Special Hobby’s Saab Viggen

This is the Special Hobby's Saab Viggen ( rebox of Tarangus ) kit includes interior color etch . Paint with tamiya paints and weathered with Mig dark wash . Enoy :) Cheers Brian

Martin Maryland 167F – Warburton’s War

Hi everybody, I haven't written anything for really long time... :( Let's start something fresh and old at the same time! :) One year ago, I started new build - Special Hobby's Martin Maryland 167F in 1/48 scale. The most annoying thing is almos[...]

Yak-23UTI (SpecialHobby 1/72)

A very rare one from my favorite First Jets Era. Yak-23UTI was a 2-seat trainer version of the Yak-23 "Flora" fighter. Only one aircraft of this version was produced, but surprisingly it survived and now kept in museum. This is Special Hobbys'[...]

Special Hobby 1/48 F-86K Sabre

The North American F 86D Sabre was a development of the basic F-86 Sabre that had so little commonality with previous sub-types that it was originally ordered as the YF-95. The designation was changed to F-86D in 1950, following the outbreak of [...]

1/48 Special Hobby F2G as XF2G-1 14692

While bringing the F2G Corsair into production, Goodyear modified a number Corsairs with different components that would be used on their production F2G's. The R-4360 was test fitted and flown on a F4U-1. Some components tested on other Corsairs[...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Firefly Mk.V

During the last year of the Second World War, the Fairey Firefly F.R.I had proven itself the best British designed carrier strike aircraft used in the conflict. With the end of the war and the need to get rid of the U.S. carrier aircraft provid[...]

1/32 Special Hobby Brewster Buffalo

This is my newly completed Buffalo from Special Hobby. This aircraft served with 25 Sqn RAAF during the early 1940's at Pearce Airforce base in Perth Western Australia and served in a defensive role due to the threat of invasion by the Japanese.[...]

P-39 Airacobra 1/32 Scale – Special Hobby

This is a model of a P 39 Q that was stationed on Makin Island in the Gilberts in 1943. The aircraft were originally painted in olive drab and whilst on the island they were re painted in a sand colour which used to weather quite extensively fr[...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Grumman AF-2S and AF-2W Guardians

The Grumman AF-2 Guardian series were the largest single engine piston-engine aircraft to ever operate from carriers, which is pretty surprising since they flew from CVEs for the most part. The Guardian was the first purpose-built anti- submarin[...]

Special Hobby 1/32 Morane-Saulnier 406 C1

Did this kit ages ago but didn't post it. Full build is on my YouTube channel ModArt633. However, there is problems with sort run kits that Special Hobby produce. I faced problems with fitting the prop, cockpit and air-intake. And also decal of [...]