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Saab J-21R

One of the planes from the First Jets Era. J-21R was a jet-powered version of a J-21 propeller plane, designed in Sweden by Saab during WWII. A short-run kit in 1/72 scale by Special Hobby. It also has some resin and photo-etched parts. Kit pa[...]

Heinkel HE-115B, 1/48

Well not too much to say about this, the big thing is I am calling it done. This is a Special Hobby brand kit, a first of those for me. Clint Eastwood said "a man's got to know his limitations" - there's a lot of truth in that and I may have lea[...]

1/48 Fairey Firefly FR.I

Firefly mania continued unabated in my workshop all summer! This is the newish Special Hobby kit completed as an example from 1770NAS, HMS Indefatigable during the "Operation Lentil" strike on Japanese refineries in Malaya. It still bears Ea[...]

F2G “super Corsair” Race #57 – Special Hobby 1/48

While many believe that the Goodyear F2G “Super” Corsair began life as the “answer” to the threat posed by the Kamikazes beginning in November 1944, such is not the case. Had Goodyear waited till then to begin developing such an airplane, it wo[...]

1/48 Firefly FR.4

This is the recent Special Hobby kit finished as a Dutch Navy example based in New Guinea. These were the last Fireflies in service anywhere, and were replaced by Hawker Hunters in 1962. The model assembles extremely well and really puts Speci[...]

Brewster Buffalo B339E – Malaya 1941

December 1941 was not a good time to be in Malaya or Singapore. When the Japanese invaded on 8 December, Geoff Fisken, a former farmer from Gisborne, New Zealand, went into action with No 243 (RAF) Squadron. No 243 was equipped with Brewster Buf[...]

Some of my past kits. All 1/48

HI all, There's alot of pics, so only did one of each, cause I have a lot of catching up to do. :) They are all 1/48, various brands, Special Hobby, Hobbycraft.. etc. Hapy to add more pics of any specific ones anyone may like. Thanks for look[...]

Special Hobby Skua.

Thanks for looking. :)

SPECIAL HOBBY V-173 Flying Pancake 1\48th

the V-173 was designed to test the charactoristics of short take off and landings (STOL) for the U S Navy there was only one built and it resides in the national air and space museum sorry some the pictures are a little blury, having some [...]

Vought V-173 Flying Pancake

This is my latest build - V-173 from SpecialHobby, a short run kit. Painted with Vallejo and Gunze acrylics , weathered with oils and Tamiya pigments. Seat belts from Eduard. A nice kit for a little bit experienced modeller (there were issues wi[...]