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Model of the Year 2014 – 12 Plastic Kits that Define the Shape of the Hobby Industry

Held every February in Nuremberg, Germany, Spielwarenmesse is the world’s leading fair for the toy and hobby industry with about 2,800 exhibitors from 60 nations. One of the highlights in the hobby section of the show is the announcement of Mod[...]

The T-2C Buckeye. SpecialHobby 1/48

The Specialhobby T-2C is one of the toughest models I have ever built. A lot of attention to aligment of the parts e dryfitings is required before you start this one. This is a multi media kit that brings injected parts with finely engraved pane[...]

1/48 CAC CA-13 Boomerang

When Australia became involved in the Pacific War in December 1941, the Royal Australian Air Force was ill-prepared, to say the very least. With Australia’s main combat forces deployed to North Africa and England, it was clear that there was li[...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Supermarine Seafire LF Mk. III

One that almost became the second occupant of the shelf of doom. Why, you ask? I was about half way through when Tom Cleaver published his authoritative "Frankenspit", and I knew all was lost. Eventually built OOB, it came together well. After a[...]

For December 7th

The day all Hell broke loose, and changed the lives of millions. This 1/32 Special Hobby P-36 represents one of the few U.S. machines to gain the air that morning. Lt. Phil Rasmussen managed to take off (legend says still in his pajamas) and kno[...]

Special Hobby 1/32 F2A-2 Buffalo Marines

yellow wings decals great shake and bake but pure pleasure

Special Hobby 1/32 Fiat G-50

Here it is, SH's newest big scale offering, Fiat's first monoplane. Some may say it is,ah, lacking in pulchritude (how about THAT one?) but it grew on me as I built it and now I think she is bellissimo. Not too hard a build, the tough part being[...]

Last Hawk 75: Finnish “Sussu” – 1/32 SH kit

The Special Hobby 1/32 Finnish Hawk 75. Known to the Finns as the "Sussu," this was done as the airplane flown by Kyosti Karhila, the top-scoring Finnish Hawk 75 ace (13.5 victories). Right after I finished it I discovered this was a later pai[...]

Hawk 75A-4 “Mohawk IV” RAF, Special Hobby 1/32

This is the Special Hobby Hawk 75A-4 "Mohawk IV" kit. The French Air Force, in addition to ordering the Pratty & Whitney-powered Hawk 75A-1/2/3, also ordered the Hawk 75A-4, which differed by being powered by a Wright GR-1820 Cyclone 9 en[...]

“The Gold Bug” – P-36A of CO, 18th Pursuit Group – Special Hobby 1/32 kit

The P-36 is one of those under-rated airplanes. For some reason, it's seen as a failure, though the record indicates otherwise. The first modern fighter for the USAAC that was remotely competitive with European contemporaries, the P-36 in its [...]