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Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

1/48 scale Ju-87 Stuka by Hasegawa

The Ju-87 will forever be linked with the Blitzkrieg campaigns of WWII. It supported the armored spearheads of the Wehrmacht with deadly accuracy -- becoming known as Flying Artillery. The whistles on the landing gear pants lent a [...]

1/48 Monogram Stuka

Another nice, old kit from one of our favorite companies of years past. As with most Monogram models of that era, a fairly straight forward build yeilds a decent looking replica. These kits provide a good starting platform for [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Ju87B-2 Stuka

I have always liked the Stuka ever since I watched my dad build the Guillows balsa wood kit. So here is mine. This is Hasegawa's Ju87B-2 depicting S2+AM from 4/St.G.77 Eastern Front, 1941..I built this one pretty much straight from the [...]

Junkers Ju-87G2 Kanonenvogel

Here is my recently finished model : Junkers Ju-87G2 Kannonvogel from Hasegawa in 1/32 scale. Model built almost straight from box with exception of Eduard seat belt details and canopy maskings. When I decided to built "something [...]

Junkers Ju 87B-2 (Hasegawa 1:48)

Representing a Stuka of 2./St.G 77 based in Caen, France during August 1940 I have always been fascinated by the Stuka, especially those of the Battle of Britain period, and have wanted to build one for a long time but was never really [...]

1/72 Italeri Stuka B2

This is a pretty much out of the box Stuka B2 from Italeri. I did add my own cockpit detail with styrene strip and other pieces. I used decals from Eaglecals. Painted using model master acrylic paint and weathered with pastels and [...]

Italeri 1:48 Ju87B-2 Trop, 1./StG3 S7+KH

Hi folks, Well between struggling to get motivated and finding time to build, I have actually completed what I started in February. A really nice kit providing lots of opportunity for extra detailing! I spruced up the cockpit and added [...]