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Classic Kit: Hawk 1/48 Lockheed T-33

This is the HAWK which was first issue in 1958 and Testors last issued it in 1989. It is marked with Caracal decals for a Langley AFB hack. The cheat line should be blue and not black, but that's what Caracal provided, and like many mistakes I[...]

1/48 Academy Lockheed T-33A USAF Jet Trainer

Always loved the early jets, especially the F-80/T-33 family of jets from the famed Kelly Johnson's SKunk Works team and facility. So when a customer requested a T-33 build I was happy to oblige! When I asked the reason he wanted this particul[...]

1/48 Hobbycraft T-33/TV-2D Naval T-bird

My last build was an extensive reworking and upgrading of the 1/48 Monogram F-8E Crusader. The kit fought me the entire time, plus I made a lot of frustrating mistakes. So this time, I wanted a quick, relaxing, trouble-free build, before moving [...]

Academy T-33 FANG

This is the Academy 48 scale T-33 finished in markings for the 125th FIS based at Jacksonville International Airport in Jax FL (my hometown). Used the awesome Caracal decals and True Details seats. Andy

T-33 Hasegawa

This my T-33 converted to look like a Navy TV-2 that was at Aviation H.S. in N.Y.C. back in the 1970's. as a mechanic trainer. I took a few naps while in my senior year in the front seat. Decals are from the spares box. Straight out of the box[...]

LOCKHEED T-33A -Lo, the Yugoslav Air Force 1954, Hobbycraft/Canada 1/48

= LOCKHEED T-33A -Lo, the Yugoslav Air Force No: 10016/16 in the middle 1954. Company: HOBBYCRAFT CANADA, scale 1/48 Used Accessories: Airwaves, True Details, Built. Painted with colors: XTRACOLOR, WHITE ENSIGN. It is built to order for the c[...]

Yugoslav T-33, Academy 1/48

48th Scale Lockheed Martin T-33 T-Bird/Shooting Star

Just completed this Academy kit OOB for a Gatormodelers display of Florida aircraft that will be in the main library for the month of November here in Gainesville Florida. One of the most well-known jet fighters and trainers in the history of [...]