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F-84 G Thunderjet, Tamiya in 1/48 scale

Hi, here is a "walkaround" on my F-84 G Thunderjet from Tamiya, it is a good kit, like almost all Tamiya - kits it is free from trouble. My intention was a korean war fighter bomber, the kit decals look great on the sheet, leave them there ! It [...]

Building my collection of General Scott’s aircraft

I am well into building a collection of General Robert Scott's aircraft. He is probably the only aviation icon I have met in person, so this has been my motivation to start this project. All will be in 48th scale.

The 1/48 Republic F-84G Thunderjet in French service from Tamiya

Hello everyone, For the rest of the series 2004-2005 constructions, I present you a F-84G who served in the French Air Force (2/33 savoie). This version is modified for reconnaissance missions. Thank you all, Sincerely, Eric.

Col. Robert L. Scott Jr.’s F-84E (Hobby Boss 1/32 kit)

In 1951 Colonel Robert L. Scott Jr., author of "God is My Co-Pilot," commanded the 31st Fighter-Bomber Wing at Furstenfeldbruck in West Germany. It being winter with bad flying weather, he came up with an idea: how about an "exploratory missio[...]

Not Yet a Thunderjet: Heller 1/72 XP-84 Conversion

The old 70s-vintage Heller F-84G Thunderjet in 1/72 was converted to represent the prototype XP-84 by cutting the wingtip tanks off and making new tips with styrene sheet, removing the canopy framing and smoothing out/polishing the canopy, and e[...]

F-84 Thunderjet 1/72

This model was built for a special event named “Wash & go” during IPMS Open (Sweden) a couple of years ago. The deal was to build a model in quite a limited time; one week ahead of the event you got to know what model was to be built and the[...]