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Dragon Tiger 1…1/72nd scale

.This is a few closer views with my cell phone camera of the Dragon Tiger 1 in 1/72nd scale Straight out of box, well long story, started a couple of years ago I think and finished most of it. Went to get some models for our club raffle, saw th[...]

Tamiya 1/35 Scale Panzerkamfwagen VI Tiger I (Early Production)

I bought this model at a garage sale for $1.50. The box was crushed and water damaged, most of the parts had been twisted off the sprues and hand painted some sort of grey color that was nowhere near anything painted on a WWII German Tiger tank[...]

Tiger in the Grass

This is the AFV Club/Skybow 1/48th scale Tiger I . I am not an armor expert so I cannot speak to the kits accuracy, but I do believe everyone will agree it looks like a Tiger I and will not be confused for any other tank. I would also like [...]