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Monogram 1/48 Hawker Typhoon

Bought this kit several years ago before it's recent re-release. Used it along with other Revell and Monogram kits as test beds for developing some sorely needed modeling skills. When you haven't built a kit in over 50 years, things like CA glue[...]

Revell’s Eurofighter Typhoon in 1/48

Finished at last! Not the easiest build I have ever done by a long shot & I can only recommend that any intending builder read the instructions very carefully & test fit everything as all is not what it seems & those instructions lea[...]

Monogram’s 1/48 Typhoon 1b, 438 Squadron, RCAF

Monograms classic 1/48 Typhoon from the 1970's, rescribed the panel lines, drilled out the guns, exhaust etc, scratchbuilt an interior, detailed the wheel wells and gear, converted kit prop to a 3 blade prop, and added bomb racks and bombs. Ho[...]

Hawker Typhoon MKl B

This is my latest work of propeller warbird . It is a 1/48 kit of the monogram, simple but with reasonably fittings. I preferred to paint the D-Day stripes, instead of decals.. Some weatering, not to much, gives a final touch...

Revell 1/32 Hawker car door Typhoon

an oldie but goodie from 1972...sanded out the lines and did a half fast re scribe...Techmod decals...this plane was meant to be a fighter but the engine leaked so much oil and exhaust pilots had to muzzle up and go on oxygen as soon as they fir[...]

Typhoon update

Closed up, landing gear details, filling and sanding next. Might have to take out a lone to pay for all the paint for this thing!

Airfix 1/24 Typhoon Lots of PARTS

Starting to look like sumpin. Lots of scraping and sanding, but the plastic is soft so it goes fast!

“Under the Skin” – Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B

This is the Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B. A complex build across 220+ steps of a 45+ page instruction guide, areas have been stripped back further to view the airframe "under the skin", and I've added details not found in the box or other[...]

Eurofighter Typhoon

In 1983, Britain, France, Spain, Italy and West Germany formed a consortium to produce a European answer to the Su-27 and the Mig 29. France left the consortium in 1985 and Dassault subsequently produced the Rafale. In August 1986, Aeritalia and[...]

How-to: Getting that worn look to an aircraft’s camouflage using dry pigments

A wee tutorial of getting that worn look to an aircraft’s camouflage by working with dry pigments. This is part of an ongoing video blog by Mr. Gary "Making Models Again" Bottoms. Example kit in this case is the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib[...]