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1:72 Airfix De Haviland Vampire T.11

As you can probably tell by now I'm quite taken with Airfix's new tooled kits and this oneis one of the good ones. Finished with Citadel Mithril Silver and Xtradecal set X72-172 as WZ584 (K) from the Central Air Traffic Control School [...]

DH Vampire Mk9 – Build Completed

After my ever first post, with the positive comments I received, I was encouraged to crack on with the Vampire as and when spare time allowed. I always like to learn lessons, new techniques and improve on every build, and with this one I [...]

First Post : Building a DH Vampire

I'm new to this blogging thing, but my wife blogs extensively about her quilting/patchwork and really enjoys the process and feedback she gets, so here goes. I've restarted modeling after a 25 year (i guess) break and I am amazed at the [...]

Alley Cat 1/48 deHavilland Vampire F.3 all-resin kit

Unlike the Gloster Meteor ‑ which was always intended to be an operational fighter ‑ the deHavilland Vampire began as an experimental aircraft, originally developed to specification E6/41, to test the deHavilland Halford H.1 jet [...]

Vampire T11 Airfix 1/72

Airfix's Little Gem, This is a really neat little kit no vices at all, the only thing that is a little odd is one of the joint/panel lines on the underside is slightly wide and there's not a lot you can do about it as it is on a natural [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 Vampire FB Mk. 5

As a memento of the IPMS/UK 50th Anniversary Tour, and being unable to model a massive bout of constipation, and unwilling to spend £40 for one of the Alleycat kits, I purchased the new Trumpeter Vampire FB Mk. 5, when I got home. Little [...]

CyberHobby 1/72 DeHavilland Vampire FB.5

This is the CyberHobby 1/72 DeHavilland Vampire FB.5, warts and all. As previously mentioned in my in-box review, the cockpit is sparse and entirely fictitious. For the most part, construction was straightforward. I filled and sanded out [...]

iModeler Review: CyberHobby 1/72 DeHavilland Vampire FB.5

CyberHobby 1/72 DeHavilland Vampire FB.5 Kit # 5085 Parts: 40+ Retail price: usd 24. 95 The DeHaviland Vampire FB.5 is the single-seat, fighter-bomber version of Britain’s second production jet fighter. Powered by the Goblin 2 turbojet [...]

Heller 1/72 Vampire F.3

This project started with me buying the new Airfix Vampire T.11. When starting that build I realised that some synergies could be gained by doing another kit in about the same paint scheme. Many years ago I got a few plastic-only [...]