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1/72. P40 Academy

Hello Guys An old kit I made 10 years ago. It was very relaxing but when I took a look on the pics, I realised that I have some improvements to do on the paint, decals and details during the assembly. Have a good week end and as usual.......en[...]

1/48 amt p-40f

This is my humble contribution to the P-40 fest. I like these AMT P-40s and think they look really good as long as you close the canopies. I added drop tank shackles from a Hasegawa kit because I wanted to show the clean lines of the Merlin pow[...]

1/48 Otaki P-40E converted to P-40N

Thought I'd join in the P-40 fest. One of my older ones, hence only two pics. Converted Otaki P-40E using the Medallion Models resin P-40N set. Decals are War Eagle for P-40M and P-40N. It's been so long since I did this, I think I added some[...]

Otaki 1/48th P-40

You P-40 builders have no one to blame but yourselves for this dog being shown. I was feeling left out. It was pulled out of my graveyard. It was built when the kit was first released so you tell me how long ago that was. Brush painted with Hum[...]

One more time…. the Mauve 48th scale P-40N

The third time is a charm. I could not pass up the opportunity to do a P-40 in a natural metal finish either.

Deja Vu all over again…49th FG P-40N

Saw Ralph's model, and said hey that looks familiar. This is the Hasegawa 1/48 version, decals came from an aftermarket sheet, sorry I don't recall the maker. They do look sweet in NMF too bad the P-40Q didn't catch on....

Another P-40 – Trumpeter 1/48 Curtiss 81-A2 Warhawk

I finished this about 2 years ago, using the Kits World decals for "Tex" Hill's aircraft, & Gator Masks for the camouflage. I rebuilt the cockpit to the proper depth using a combination of kit parts, True Details resin, Eduard photo-etch, a[...]

About the 50th P-40 here lately!

As soon as I started building this Italeri 1/48 P-40N it seems like they started coming out of the woodwork on Imodeler - which is fine with me, I love seeing everyone's different takes on this classic, a favorite of mine. In my first post on I[...]

Last P-40Es

The P-40E-1/Kittyhawk IA flown by CAPT Andrew Reynolds of the 49th FG is actually a Kittyhawk IA - the Lend-Lease version of the P-40E-1. When the 49th FG arrived in Australia in March 1942, there was not much attention paid to whether the P-40[...]

AMTech 1/48 P-40K/Kittyhawk III

This is the AMTech P-40K "big tail" which was essentially the AMT P-40E kit with a resin rear fuselage and fin. I used a True Details P-40E/N cockpit. The decals are from an early Aeromaster sheet. The airplane is a KittyHawk III flown by 2 S[...]