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Williams Bros 1/48 Corben Super Ace

Well, I said the Super Ace was hot on the heels of my Ford Flivver and here it is... Fifteen months later! I have to get moving if I'm going to make a dent in the stash! I had built this kit back in the 90's but it is so spindly it did not [...]

Ford Flivver. 1/48 Williams Bros.

Here's one I've been wanting to add to the collection. It started out as a weekend build last week, but I needed time for my gloss blue to dry. As it is one week is stellar for me in terms of getting a kit done! I don't know the actual [...]

Gee Bee Model “Z” Super Sportster – 1:32, Williams Bros with lots of scratch

Hi All! This is my finally finished Gee Bee "Z" from the venerable Williams Bros kit (not bad just a bit old) with lot of modifications and - hopefully - upgrade. I started this kit years ago but I had some issues with - as I [...]

William’s Bros. 1/32 Gee Bee Z Super Sportster

Well, I've already professed a few of my loves in aviation (classic jets and round engines). Another would be the Golden Age of air racing. This was a time when mere mortals were designing and building aircraft in their garages and [...]