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Me too Hobby room…

Front and back shots. The shelves in the back are part of the stash and some past builds. I have my work area set up for a photo shoot. The third photo is my small On-30 model railroad in my kitchen. Oh the life of a bachelor! No woman would p[...]

My workbench created in 2008.

I presente you my little workbench created in august 2008... Happy new year Eric

Workbench 2015 :)

It's awesome that we have some memes yet so I'm in! This is myworkbench - sufficiently cleaned uf for the photos. Nothing special - a better part of my living room :) On the third picture is a Fly Synthesis Storch I used to learn to fly on UL - [...]

OK I’m in. Workbench 2015.

Current workbench while still converting new railway carriage man cave.

I Can Play Too! Workbench/Mancave 2015-2016

Some of these photos I posted here about two and one half years ago in the "Mancaves" category. There have been some slight changes to my workbench and mancave since then so I figured I would get in with this workbench trend.

Workbench 2015

Not sure what this is about, saw others posting their own work benches and thought I might do the same. The bench is a artist hobby table, it can turn up 90 degrees upwards if used for easels (very nice). Also the shelving at the far end is a ol[...]

Ok I’m in, workbench 2015

I like this set up pretty well, not always this neat. An old drafting table my daughter gave me and odds and ends left over when they got old or obsolete from the other parts of the house :) Rob

Let’s say something about the workbench 2015>>2016 P.k

My home working environment "workbench".. my "Glass Vitrina" in kitchen for 1/144-1/72 kit. My medals from competitions last 30 years, and trophies and awards. Finally, the last testing of new acquisitions a Slovenija -Dedek Mraz /Santa Claus[...]

Work benches, eh?

I challenge thee, iModelers, to show me a sloppier more disorganized bench. The saving grace to this IKEA unit is the tabletop folds up, and having 5 cats and a kitten (model destroyers) in the house, it must be folded when not in use. So I am F[...]

My Work bench

My workbench while I was making minor repairs to my 1/48 Fokker E.II, included is a shot of the Fokker, for reference. My workbench is probably pretty typical, I know some of the really good modelers have near operating room order, but most of u[...]