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ICM's 1/48 scale Gotha Go242A

Hi, guys... this Go242A kit is a recent addition into my collection and is rather a good kit to build, although there are a few tricky areas as well. Firstly, though, I have to apologise because I only realised a few days back that I had [...]

B-29 1/48 scale full metal skin

Well after 275 hours of building this B-29 is complete, minus the livery which arrives soon. Each individual panel is painstakingly done in aluminum. This is my fourth all metal skin build, and by far my most ambitious! If I never see [...]

38 - Italeri 1/35 ABM 41/42

Well when I saw this awesome desert vehicle with that daunting camoflage I just had to attempt it - My 1st 1/35 scale vehicle and man was I impressed with Italeri. What a great kit. Started with assembly on the drive train and the body [...]

P-47D 'Razorback' Thunderbolt - Squirt IIin 1/48 Scale

This was supposed to be quite a straightforward build of Tamiya's excellent 1/48 scale P-47D-22 Razorback kit with some Kits World decals. I wanted to do the full invasion stripes markings worn by 'Squirt II' on D-Day itself as it's a very [...]

The Fokker D.XXI of LVA

Hi all, This is another kit I built last year. There are several things that could have been done better, but still I think it’s a lovely little plane. The kit is a Special Hobby 48181 and built OOB. Hope you like it. A bit of [...]

1/9th Scale WLA Harley build in progress. Creating saddle bags.

Hello all, the 1/9th Scale WLA Harley build continues with more work done on the bike and custom made saddle bags. The bags that come with the kit are essentially plastic boxes, so you should really make your own. I used craft paper, paper [...]

The Italeri 1/9th scale WLA Harley Davidson WW2 motorcycle build in progress.

Hi friends, I have started this 1/9th scale WLA for a customer. I don't normally build motorcycles but I am finding this to be great fun! Kit is going together without much problems other than the parts are not numbered and the sprues have [...]

1/32 scale Tamiya Mosquito complete build

Hello fellow modelers! Here is my completed 1/32 scale Tamiya Mosquito. First off I can't recommend this kit enough, but only for the experienced builder as it is a complicated build and you really need to pay attention. There are also a [...]

Mach2's Arado Ar232B transport

This build is part of the 'Imperial German...' group build, and given the age of the model and presentation of the parts, it is definitely a challenge. However, I'm pleased with the eventual outcome and this represents about two months of [...]

Blenheim Mk I, Finnish Air Force 1942

The Blenheim MK I was modified from a civilian concept aircraft for a small high speed 6 passenger transport (Bristol Type 142) in 1935. The success of this concept impressed the RAF and they issued specification B.28/35 for prototypes of [...]