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Xtrakit range of model kits

A most unusual sight: Saunders Roe SR. A-1 flying boat fighter

My first reaction to the film footage of an SRA-1 in flight can be summarised as: "what an elegant and impressively agile aircraft this flying boat was! This impression surprised me myself, because when one sees this machine in still [...]

Meteoric Rise

Xtrakit 1/72 Gloster Meteor F.8 Amongst my all-time favourite aircraft are several 50's jets – including the F-86, Hawker Hunter and Gloster Meteor. Xtrakit's 1/72 Meteor kit was a re-boxed MPM tooling, and looked great in the box with [...]

My late-mark Spitfire adventure, Xtrakit and Airfix 1/72 Spit 22 and 24!

This was quite a lengthy process, this double-build was started in the autumn of 2012 but then something else caught my interest and these sat on the shelf of doom for two and a half year. However, they were certainly needed in my Spitfire [...]

Supermarine Scimitar

"You Dont see many of these at the model shows" its the 1/72 Extrakit Supermarine Scimitar. And the reason you dont see many of them is it is a complete PIG to build the first thing i noticed at the start of the build was that [...]