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2021 Modeling ReviewFour Essexes, Nine Aircraft and a 88mm

The first half of 2021 was the same as 2020 - multiple 1/700 Essex-class carrier builds. But the second half was something completely different. The first several months of 2021 were devoted to finishing a "double build" of the [...]

My 2021 Builds

These are my builds for 2021. My main goals were to have at least one build for each month, at least one multi-eng plane for the year, at least one vacuform build for the year and to try to have a resin build in which that would be my [...]

2022, another covid year, stay safe, stay home, a happy new year of modeling for eveyone, lets hope, my models finished in 2021, in no particular order.

1/72 aircraft, from the de Havilland 100 GB - DH 83 Fox Moth, DH 60G Gipsy Moth, DH 89A Dragon Rapide, DHA 98 FB 40 Mosquito, DH 98 PR 16 Mosquito, DHA 100 T 33 Vampire, DHA FB 31 Vampire, DH 110 FAW 1 Sea Vixen; RAN - Hawker FB 11 Sea [...]

2021 Builds

Hi All, The builds I completed and posted in 2021. A few struggles and hurdles along the way but the pleasures of building and creating were more the norm. Thanks to all who took the time to check out my builds. A very Happy 2022 to all, [...]

My 2021 builds

Hello everyone Here is my 2021 build list in chronological order. In advance, Happy new year to all 1- 1/32 Hasegawa – Grey Matter P-40L Warhawk 2- 1/32 Hasegawa Focke Wulf FW 190F-8 3- 1/32 PCM Spitfire Mk.XIVe 4- 1/48 [...]

Review: Kit(s) of the Year - 2021

It's that time of year to look back on the latest happenings of the Golden Age of Modeling. I'm not presenting this as a competition. You, too, may have your ideas of the good, the bad, the ugly - post away! My list is limited to models I [...]

My 2020 in review

Hi all, happy New Year! Just a quick one on what 2020 brought for me. I seriously lacked modeling time 🙁 but did manage to finish three models this year: Aco dei Fileni, Lybia (scratch) This must have been the longest build I ever [...]

My 2020 builds

These are the four builds I completed in 2020. I posted the Rafale build earlier this year and the three Me 262s are the subjects of a work-in-progress thread ((link)) and I'll post the final pictures here soon. I had hoped to finish a few [...]

A (Reluctantly) Productive 2020

Taking advantage of the extra down time from the Covid social distancing lockdown I tried to reduce my stash by finishing some simple no-frills OOB builds (**) in addition to ongoing work on regular long term projects. No frills means no [...]

My 2020 build log

I started this year with Revell's 1/48 Typhoon finished in the RAF Battle of Britain 75th anniversary display scheme. I then moved on to two old 1/32 Revell kits that I picked up for £10 each. The Corsair has very little internal detail [...]