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A year in review - 2017

Hi everyone! As I build mostly in 1:72 and sometimes OOB, I've had quite a good output in the previous years, not falling below 1 model per month. Well, 2017 proved to be slightly different. I've started my approach procedural air traffic [...]

2017 in review

Shamefully slack on building kits this year myself (rock bands 'll do that to ya). But I did managed to complete two in 1/72 scale, paint three big RC Astro Hogs, and fix up a few more older builds for re-shoots. Seasons Greetings to all !

Year in review 2017

I consider myself a slow modelbuilder so two finished kits per year are good enough for me and it usually takes me about 6 months to actually finish a model. First off the bench was prehistoric 1/48 Revell A-7, with deck diorama base made [...]

A year in Review: 2017

3 project ended this year, a long lasting one: the IA-58 Pucarà Acongaua kit in 1/48 started and stopped for almost 3 years, an F4U Corsair in 1/72, for a friend and a collector that, unfortunately passed away shortly after I deliver [...]

Year in review 2017

So here is my review of 2017. But first I like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the best wishes for 2018. Quite some variation over 2017 which included 2 restored models also. The new toolings from Airfix are fantastic and [...]

Seasons greatings to all!

Not a review but ,a little cheer here!

Year In Review 2017

Well, I started off the year with an experiment: a 2017 build plan (see here if interested: (link) ). I ended up completing 4 of the 11 proposed builds, and 7 total. I got distracted by group build opportunities and other surges of [...]

2017 A Year in review

I was looking at Rob's Post, and I actually thought that I built a few models, I actually only built 2...Quite shabby if I must say so. I was a great year, I tried scratch building, and I really enjoyed making something from [...]

Seasons greetings, a year in review and more!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that to all in iModeler land! I like doing year in review, so maybe you guys could post your years out put as well. Also I have made progress on my Devastator, scratch building interior parts. The [...]

Started 2016, first finished 2017

Nice kit, typical Tamyia, add glue, shake box, done! Parts breakdown was interesting, track, rollers, drive gear all one piece. Gave me a chance to use Panzer Putty to mask with and it worked great. Didn't pull off any paint or leave any [...]