1/72 Airfix De Havilland Mosquito NF. Mk. II

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  • Rodney J. Williams said 4 weeks ago:

    I built this model in the fall of 2015. I do not recall having any fit problems and the photos do not show hardly any flashing on any part. Airfix also give a paint choice drawing, so I choose the “All Black” color.

    The Hornet F-1 model that I wrote about in another post was posted some time ago and was painted up as a racing model to match my real photo of it at the National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio around 1947-1950.

    32 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Rodney J. Williams said 4 weeks ago:

    My 1st post and I “think” it’s ok…….Rodney

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 4 weeks ago:

    What a fantastic model, Rodney @f2g1d!

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 weeks ago:

    That is a very nice looking plane Rodney (@f2g1d)

    I noticed your “holdfasts” – lengths of sqare metal. I think I might steal that idea!

  • Rodney J. Williams said 4 weeks ago:

    Your word “holdfasts” lost me, so I went to the photos to see what you were talking about.
    I went to a “aluminum” computer “scrapyard” when I was living in San Jose, CA; (1977-2004) I was looking for and found some thin perforated sheets of aluminum with holes about 2mm in diameter for my Korean tarmac, (runway) to put my new 1/32 F86 Sabre Jet diorama on. This place had everything you could think of, when it came to aluminum, so I bought several kinds of rod and bar/block size items. I was at the right place at the right time!

    I left San Jose, California in 2004 and came back to live in Southern California in 2016. Maybe the scrapyard is still there !!! RJW!

  • Rodney J. Williams said 4 weeks ago:

    I think I can add my digital image of my 1/32 scale F-86 Sabre Jet here. I sold the model last year and sent it to the new owner in Beirut, Lebanon. He did not want the diorama base nor the clear plastic cover, so it has been out in our garage since then.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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