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Republic P-47D “Luckys’ Lady”

This is a Monogram 1/48 P-47D . The box is dated 1967 and was still shrink wrapped. It’s from the collection of a modeler, Mr Claude Good, that passed away about 1 year ago at age 86. It is my interpretation of Captain Frank [...]

Nakajima Rufe

Ciao ragazzi, this is my Nakajima Rufe already presented into the group “Pacific theater”. The kit is the old Tamiya 1/48 scale very simple but was very joyful. Stay safe Paolo

Review: Border 1/35 DKM Type VII-C U-Boat Review

ICM 1/48 P-51 Mustang: Nightmare NMF Project

This project took the joy out of model building which isn't good for my 6th build. The ICM kit was subpar by every standard. The instructions didn't include the paint scheme or decal layout for the box art version which is what I built. [...]

Airfix de Havilland Mosquito Mk. XVI 1/72

This is the new Airfix Mosquito in 72nd scale. This kit is gorgeous, not just because the details/fit, etc. is great. It’s also cleverly engineered. The are parts you can use to temporarily cover the wheel bay and other parts have arrows [...]

An interesting "unplanned result"or how to keep the dust off the models

I've had to get some air purifiers recently, to deal with the increased dust around my house and keep control of the COPD (thank you very much #$%##@! cigarettes). Anyway, I've just run across an "unplanned result" to that which [...]

T-72B3, Captured, Kharkiv Oblast Summer 2022

Let's start talking about the T-72 by talking about the T-90 instead. Having first seen service in 1973, the T-72 has experienced a multitude of evolutions and developments. Ultimately, the improvements have been codified into a totally [...]

Revell 32 Street Rod

Since no one made a "RAKED" Chop top resin body for this build, I decided to do my own. Painted in House Of Kolor "Candy Tangerine" with 2K clear and very subtle side ghost flames. Engine is a 3D printed SB Chevy [...]

AMT 1949 Mercury Coupe

I chopped this AMT kit myself and added in the Frenched Tail Lights and Antennas. Painted in House Of Kolor Candy "Brandywine" and a 2K clear coat. And "Yea ... It's got a HEMI"!

Chalkis 20th Static Modeling Exhibition

The Chalkis 20th Static Modeling Exhibition took place on 18, 19 and 20 March. Held in Chalkis, my hometown, at a really nice exhibition building, it was passionately organized by our little modeling club and hosted a respectable number of [...]