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Junkers D.1 Wingnut Wings

I started this WNW kit in 2020; still something to finish...

Ju Ef-127

Ju Ef-127 "Walli" Das Werk 1:32 Seat belts: Quinta Studio Decals Colors: AK

Fiat CR.42 CN (Caccia Notturna), 377a Squadriglia...

Fiat CR.42 CN (Caccia Notturna), 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Intercettori, Palermo (Sicily), 1943 This is the "Falco" of Tenente Luigi Torchio. "Io dormire più non posso" means "I can't sleep anymore". ICM n. [...]

Albatros D.III OAW, Jasta 50, 1917

Roden 1/32 + WNW decals + Gaspatch. I didn't find pictures of the wings and I didn't know the exact colour of ribs. I chose pink, but blue could be equally valid. Rigging not yet finished.

Roland DVIa

I built this 1/32 WNW Roland DVIa few years ago. The idea was to do a diorama with pilots, mechanics and other things. I started building the cart but then I started a new project and... Looking at the model now, I think there are still [...]

Fokker EV 1/32

Micro Mir, Aviattic and Pheon decals, Gaspatch Spandau, Tamiya, and me...