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Building, painting and finishing scale aircraft models.

1/32 GWH P-40B Tomahawk "Turkish Air Force"

This is my recently finished 1/32 Great Wall Hobby's P-40B with TuAF markings . These Tomahawks were Ex-RAF Tomahawks from Middle East stocks. They were re-painted in Turkey by using RAF fighter paints. Cockpit modified by using Eduard [...]

Witchcraft, The Enchanted Liberator

Here’s my build of “Witchcraft”, the enchanted B-24H Liberator of the 467th Bomb Group. The kit is Monogram’s 1:48 B-24J that I picked up at a bargain table for $5.00 at a contest a few years ago. There were no decals, and someone [...]

1/48 Hasegawa P-40K-5

Another P-40 from the Bebout Curtiss Factory and this one I like to call Snake on a Plane. I didn't have a Hasegawa P-40K but a did have their P-40E plus a AMTech P-40 with the Black Box resin tail. The Hasegawa P-40 K kit is as scarce as [...]

1/48 Fairey Gannet AS.1/4

This is the new Airfix kit which I was fortunate to receive as a surprise for Christmas from my wonderful wife. She heard me discussing it with a friend and lamenting that it probably wouldn’t get to the US til mid 2024. She found a [...]

1/32 Lockheed P-38 Lightning Trumpeter 02227

At the end of last year I finished this P-38 from Trumpeter. Not a very easy kit to build. There were almost no parts that fitted together without problems. A lot of filling, sanding and repairing lost surface details. If it had not been [...]

1/72 SBD-5 DauntlessVB-16, April 1944.

“White 35” was a SBD-5 assigned to VB-16 on the USS Lexington (CV-16) in April 1944. It was flown by LTJG George Blacken & RM Leo Boulanger. I used a 1996 boxing of the Hasegawa SBD-5, which came with decals for White 45 of the [...]

Robinson R-44 ; Kovozávody Prostějov ; 1/72

Today I want to present a model of Robinson R-44 in the colors of the Czech fire department. The model +/- in the painting from the box. The left sticker with the inscription "FIRE RESCUE TEAM" is color incorrect in the kit - I [...]

Albatros D.III, Oeffag (153.106), 1:48, Eduard, Lt. Franz Gräser, Flik 61J, 18 victories

I present another Oeffag model, this time from the 106 series. The propeller cone started to be removed from these series, due to constant problems with it falling off very often in flight. About the Albatross of the Austro-Hungarian Air [...]

A ‘George’, by George! Hasegawa 1/72 N1K2-J

I don’t know how long I’ve had this kit, but Scalemates shows this ‘Blue B1’ boxing being released in 1980 (original tooling from 1977 – but it might even be an older Mania kit?). Impressive kit with very nice fit and nicely [...]

Saab SK 60 times three! Part II: a formation of four Saab SK60s called "the Vikings" and the Swedish neutrality.

The history of the Swedish Air Force is a reflection of the neutral political stance that the great Nordic country developed in the fateful years of the 20th century. In 1905, two years after the first motorised flight had been achieved, [...]