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Amusing refllection on the “Experten” amongst us

Perhaps not the appropriate place for something that amused that perverse side of what remains of my brain. It's really a comment on that side of many of us - I'm probably more guilty than most - who believe they've achieved a level of knowledge[...]


And another one of my older kits to archive, here’s my 1/72 Airfix Supermarine Swift FR 5 from about 5 years ago. When I was a “littler” kid in the late 60’s I made several of the old Hawk Models Swifts. Those were always fun kits to make but, [...]

Grumman F8F-1B Bearcat 1/48 Hobby Boss Royal Thai Air Force,1960

First plan was built it OOB, but engine look not good and miss seatbelts. I buy resin engine and PE parts from Eduard. This is for HobbyCraft, not for Hobby Boss, but one different word no problem for me. I use some parts for upgrade kit. I use [...]

ESCI 1/48TH MiG-27 FLOGGER “D” IRAQI Evaluation Demo Anniversay MIG GB

When the Iraqi Air Force settled on acquiring the MiG-23 to fulfill the air combat role supplementing the MiG-21. They also were evaluating the MiG-27 for the close support role as well. With the Su-22 and Su-25 also being evaluated in t[...]

48 Scale Hobbycraft F7U-3M CUTLASS

Again, next to no "in-progress" building photos. The windscreen was painted on the inside then it was glued onto the fuselage by using Future Floor Wax, (FFW). I coated the seam with thin super glue and sanded the outside from 320 down to 2000 g[...]

Revell AG Hunter

Another one of my older projects to archive, here’s my 1/72 Revell AG Hawker Hunter Mk. 58. I think I made this one between 2008 and 2010. I do remember the outer wing leading edge extensions were molded with the upper wing half and needed a l[...]

F-104G Starfighter, Eggbeck A.B. 1973

This is new tooled Italeri kit (scale 1:32) and it is very straightforward build with very few issues. I had troubles to glue rear part of the fuselage because when using kit the engine support I was 3 ° off axis (to right side). I decided to gl[...]

P-47N…Au Natural!

Hey All, My first post for 2020. Also the first build in my personal tribute to build subjects, used during 1945, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WW2. This aircraft is the famous P-47N from the 318th FG 333rd FS based at Ie shime, Okina[...]

Patrouille Suisse Aerobatic Team, 6 F-5 Tiger II, F-Toys 1/144

My Patrouille Suisse is build with 6 Gashapon kits from Japan. I bought them around 10 years ago before they became ridiculously expensive on Ebay. Detail level of the single airplane is no match if compared with the old Revell kit. I reworked t[...]

PFALZ E.l 1914

Special Hobby 1:48 'Small Stuff' kit engine was awful! Prop acrylic and oils with brush. Turnbuckles a mix of metal and resin Gaspatch 1:48 type A and C Must mention the rigging diagram and info in the instructions were first class[...]