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Name this famous plane and her famous owner!

Fantastic, Michel and Spiros! Hints: OBE MI6 Be well, all. Jim

1/48 Eduard Spanish Republican A.F. I-16 Type 10, 1938

Added the landing gear inspection window located in the wheel well and landing gear retraction cables. No decals used all markings were applied by paint.

Aconcagua FMA IA-58 Pucara

Argentinian resin, pe and white metal. Interesting subject matter that was recently put out in an injected kit-that always happens. Not an easy build, and easily not my best and high def photos betray my eyesight-but she looks good from a few fe[...]

1/48 Hobbyboss A-7E from VA-37

During my service in the U.S. Navy in the early 1980’s I was attached to an A-7E squadron designated VA-37 at NAS Cecil Field. I purchased the Hobby Boss A-7E kit as well as the Eduard detail set and Microscale decals for my squadron. I built t[...]

Spitfire HF VII by Italeri in 1/72

Found this kit in the giftshop of the RCAF museum in Trenton Ontario. Loved the paint scheme of PRU blue under with Medium Sea Grey over, the D-Day stripes, the "B" Roundels, the extended high altitude wings. Had to have it. Kit turned out to[...]

1/48th MH-53E Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon is a beast whether you see the real thing up close, or like myself, you build the Academy 1/48th scale version. And, I don't mean beast as in difficult to build. Quite the opposite, this kit is exquisite, both in fit and in fide[...]

My second F/A-18C Hornet Swiss Air Force Test configuration

Here you can see my second finished Testhornet from the Swiss Air Force built with Academy Kit

My first Academy F/A-18C Hornet Swiss Air Force

Here you can see just a few impressions of my first built Academy F/A-18C Hornet of the Swiss Air Force of the Panthers squadron...

Academy F/A-18-D Swiss Air Force

Hoi folks A few days ago, i‘ve started my new project of a Academy F/A-18D doubleseater Hornet From the Swiss Air Force with all possible aftermarket parts and led lightning. I‘d like to Share the progress and appreciate any comments, tips or s[...]

30+ year old kit restoration (F-19; 1:72)

One of these days, when storing kits built as a teenager, I found an old Italeri F-19, built more than 30 years ago. Although I don't like what-ifs and the like, this kit was important in my youth for the years spent playing the simulator of t[...]