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IAI Kfir AMK 1/72

Hi guys, this is my last work. Its a good AMK kit. Good details, schemes and stencils. I hope you like it.

Spitfire Mk. VIII

Hi guys, this is the last one. Its a fantastic model by Eduard highly recommended. I hope you like it. See you soon!.

F-5A Freedom Fighter 1/48

Hello colleagues, here I show you the latest work. It is the kinetic F-5A, a mediocre model, whose instructions are a nightmare but which is quite beautiful once finished. I hope you like it. Until next time!!!

A-10 thunderbolt ii

Hi friends, I want to show you my last work. It´s the A-10 Thunderbolt II, 1/72 Italeri. This is a good kit overall, with some fitting problems in the front area but they are easily solved. Some decals are not well indicated or are simply not. I[...]

F-16N Top Gun

Hello modellers, last job,a very old model from Hasegawa, easy to assemble. I just added the wing rivets. I hope you like it.

F-104G Starfighter

Hello again colleagues. I bring you a kit that I really wanted to do. It's the Hasegawa F-104, a fabulous kit, no problem. I recommend it 100%. I hope you like the result.

JU 87 Stuka

Hello again. I present the last finished work. It is the Stuka 1/48 from Italeri. It is a model with some fit problems but once solved with putty and a good dose of sanding it is worth it. It has several Italian schemes and a German one, the[...]

Hawker tempest mk. V

Hello again colleagues, this is my last work, the well-known Tempest 1/48 by Eduard. A great model highly recommended. Very nice details, supermodel. This is Pierre Closterman's second JF-E aircraft, which replaced the first as it was destroy[...]

Westland Sea King Har. 3/Mk. 43

Hello again guys. Another completed project. It is the Sea King 1/72 from Airfix. The model is quite good, good details and two very attractive versions. As always I hope you like the result. See you soon.

1/48 Kinetic Spanish F-18

Hi again. Just finished a Spanish F-18 50th aniversary Ala 46 Gando. The kit is good, only the instructions have a problem with the undercarriage because you have two models and the number of the undercarriage is not right . The kit originaly is[...]
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