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In December 1920 Hawker founded his first company H.G.Hawker Engineering Ltd. They made their first "Paperplane" that year, and thus it could be considered that they had their 100th birthday in 2020. However the first plane that got airborne was rolled out in December 1922, and had its first flight in JAN 1923. The Hawker name was maintained untill 1963, the Hawker P.1127 being the last to bear the name in1977 when Hawker Siddely became a part of British Aerospace. However the Hawker name were resurrected by Raytheon in 1993.

Entries for the group has to be somehow connected to Hawker during the timeframe December 1922 till this day. You make the case to discuss the relevance of your project, and any good connection is useable. That also means this group is not only airplanes, as other stuff had been made through mergres, e.g. locomotives!

Any item that can somehow be connected to the Hawker name during the past are eligible contributions to this group.

In order not to have too many long-running groups on iModeler the final date for entries will be december 1st 2023. That means no new entries will be permitted after that date but already started (announced) entries before that date will be allowed to finish in reasonable time after that date.

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