Eduard Fw 190 A-7 & Eduard Fw 190 D-9 Diorama

Started by Keith · 67 · 6 hours ago · 1/48, Axis, FW-190, Luftwaffe, WW2
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    Keith said 5 months ago:

    This build is going to be quite elaborate and involve 12 kits in total. In addition to the kits, I will be utilizing a plethora of diorama medium / accessories.

    The Fw 190 A-7 will be opened up and in disrepair. It will be nested under a makeshift Luftwaffe canopy with a group of mechanics, tools, and parts including a new engine in a wooden crate.

    Makeshift Luftwaffe canopy:

    I plan on going with the scheme flown by Rolf Hermichen. Rotenburg, Germany. March 1944 for the A-7. I love how light in color it is. Should hopefully show tons of details with the right weathering techniques. As you can see, I have opted for a plethora of after market parts for the A-7:

    The Fw 190 D-9 will be in complete functioning order. It will be situated in front of the repair area on a dirt airstrip.

    Luftwaffe dirt/grass airstrip:

    I plan on going with either the D-9 flown by Gunter Syed. Uetersen, Germany. May 1945 or the D-9 flown by Rhein Frankfurt. Main, Germany. April 1945.

    The schemes I chose are primarily on uniqueness. Majority of Fw190 that I see are pretty dark in color, and I thought it would be fun to do a few lighter ones.

    All kits pictured are 1/48 and listed below:

    •Eduard Fw 190 A-7 Kit
    •Eduard Brassin Fw 190A-7 Engine and Guns
    •Eduard Brassin Fw 190A landing flaps
    •Eduard Brassin Fw 190A Wingroot Gun Bays
    •Eduard Look Fw 190 A-7
    •Eduard Fw 190 D-9 Kit
    •Eduard Brassin Fw 190 A-4 engine
    •Tamiya Kubelwagen Type 82
    •Tamiya German aircraft power supply unit & Kettenkraftrad
    •Tamiya German tank crew & field maintenance set
    •Tamiya brick wall, sandbag, & barricade set
    •ICM Luftwaffe ground personnel
    •ICM Luftwaffe pilots & ground personnel
    •MiniArt German fuel drums
    •MiniArt German Jerry cans
    •MiniArt Field workshop
    •MiniArt Wooden barrels

    This build will likely take me 2 months or so from start to finish. I plan on doing two 12”x12” diorama squares that will come together seamlessly for photos, but still function fine on their own. My display shelf restricts me to the size I have decided to go with.

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    John vd Biggelaar said 5 months ago:

    This is a great idea, Keith @greenterrorz
    12 kits and lots of add-ons, and ofcourse your skills, will turn this into a wonderful diorama.
    Looking forward to it.

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    Spiros Pendedekas said 5 months ago:

    Wow! Amazing entries, my friend @greenterrorz! What a plethora of kits! Looking forward to this diorama!

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    Keith said 5 months ago:

    Thank you for showing interest @fiveten @johnb - You both are very supportive and a great asset to this community!

    Here is the cockpit for the A-7 as well as the fuselage setup to receive some paint in a few days. I have chosen to go the PE route over the decal route. Additionally, I have aftermarket painted resin gauge clusters for this kit. They look very very detailed, and I am excited to use it. I did not prep any engine components for the A-7 as that will all also be aftermarket. I suspect I will be cutting away at the A-7 fuselage in the coming week to get it all to fit right.

    On to the D-9. I have prepped the cockpit, fuselage, and a small section of the engine bay (firewall I believe it's called) for paint. I am going the PE route on this cockpit and will not be using the supplied decals.

    These are both the first Eduard kits I have done. First impressions are, the plastic is not as clean as I would like. I am having to remove excess plastic in some areas that I didn't think I would. Between the two kits, the A-7 kit seems a bit more friendly.


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    George R Blair Jr said 5 months ago:

    Wow, Keith (@greenterrorz), you really have your work cut out for yourself. I am really looking forward to your work on this. It will really require a good system of keeping the parts for each kit separate from the others. I addition to the kits, I am really looking forward to seeing how you tackle the scenery for the dioramas.

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    Spiros Pendedekas said 5 months ago:

    Solid progress so far, my friend @greenterrorz!

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    John vd Biggelaar said 5 months ago:

    Good progress already, Keith @greenterrorz

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    David Odenwald said 5 months ago:

    This is going to be impressive looking. The Dora is from Eduard's previous generation of 190s where everything is designed to be opened up. Fiddly describes it.

    Your plans for the A-7 reminds me of some color footage on YouTube from Nuremberg. Shows a 190 sitting on its belly minus engine, canopy, and moveable tail surfaces. Camo netting is draped over parts. A BMW 801 in a wood crate is sitting nearby. Behind one wing is a pile of junk with a broken framed picture of Adolf on top.

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    Louis Gardner said 5 months ago:

    Keith (@greenterrorz)
    This is an INCREDIBLE project that you have taken up and now have underway. Thank you for sharing how you used Photoshop to make the backgrounds for the various pictures of your Zero on the flight deck. I'm not too well versed in doing things like that, but I will watch the video and see what I can learn from there. I do sincerely appreciate that. It will save me a lot of money if I learn how to go about doing it, because I will be able to use this feature in conjunction with the various photography bases I'm currently making. I would not have to pay to get a large picture printed out that I had planned to use as the back drop either. These are not cheap to get printed out in such a large size picture.

    This build you currently have underway is the perfect candidate to add to our Luftwaffe group build. If you want to, you are always more than welcome to add it over there. You could even transfer your stuff there if you wish.

    Here is a link to it if you decide to do that.

    We also have a group for Japanese builds. It's called the "Empire of Japan". In the future, if you decide build more Japanese subjects, they would fit right in here.

    Here is a link for that group as well. Your recent Pearl Harbor builds would have fit in perfectly here.

    It's not mandatory that you do this, but you have options should you chose to do so. If not, that's cool to. Freedom of choice is a good thing to have.

    I really like the aircraft and all of the accessories you have picked out for this project. The FW-190 is my favorite WW2 German aircraft. This is going to be epic !

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I look forward to your next steps. 🙂

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    David Odenwald said 5 months ago:

    Okay I found the video I was talking about. I have the link keyed to start where the Fw 190 sitting on its belly is seen, not sure but I think the Wurger is in a 74/76 scheme. Along with shattered Me 109s. This last 180 seconds is truly diorama idea overload. But enjoy.

    Start at the beginning will see the remains of a Ju 88 in what looks to be typical night fighter camouflage. Also get to see bare metal P-51D Mustangs.

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    Spiros Pendedekas said 5 months ago:

    Thanks for sharing, my friend @kahu!

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    Keith said 5 months ago:

    @kahu Awesome, thanks for posting the video! I will definitely refer to it as I progress in this build. Also, thanks for swinging by and showing support!

    @fiveten @johnb - Thank you both!

    @gblair - Thank you for swinging by! It is an ambitious build, but I'm buckled in to hopefully do it justice!

    @lgardner - You are welcome! I have some backgrounds coming from Coastal Kits which I will be using for some of my future builds. It is nice to have the ability to change the background to something more fitting utilizing photoshop when needed! This particular build will likely have a pine forest in the background. It seemed like a possible interesting setting to have the repair tent butted up to a forest. I might even have a tree or two on the diorama... Not super sure yet. I will bookmark those group build sections for my future creations. I have plenty more IJN and Luftwaffe kits in my stash!

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    Keith said 5 months ago:

    Got a few things done tonight.

    Opened up the Eduard Brassin Fw 190A-7 Engine aftermarket box and started working on it.

    Left - Resin part from AM kit. Right - Plastic that came with the kit.. Night and day difference!

    After getting a few things glued up including the engine strut and acouple PE parts:

    Paint applied (XF-22):

    Next thing I did for the A-7 was to cut away some of the fuselage to make room for the Eduard AM engine:

    Lastly for the A-7, I got all of the interior base coated with XF-63 (XF-64 for the cushion):

    Onto the D-9!

    I did similar work to the D-9. Minus all the additional work to manufacture the engine firewall.

    Base painted with XF-63:

    All paints used and my painting setup:

    Saturday at some point I will hopefully complete the cockpits for both birds. Stay tuned...

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    George R Blair Jr said 5 months ago:

    Great video, Keith (@greenterrorz). Thanks for posting it. The upgraded parts really make a big difference.

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    Pedro L. Rocha said 5 months ago:

    One of the most ambitious modelling projects I recall seeing when it comes to airplanes.
    I like your choice of subjects, with the bonus of seeing the latest Eduard A-7 box “reviewed” along your build and one of the very few I have not built so far.
    I also like the plethora of kits & accessories for the full diorama. As Louis mentioned, feel free to add your thread under our Luftwaffe Group if you like.
    I already pulled my chair to follow 😉