List of MiG aircraft

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  • Sebastijan Videc said 9 months, 4 weeks ago:


    MiG-1 – 1940 fighter
    MiG-3 – 1940 fighter and interceptor
    MiG-9 – 1946 fighter, MiG’s first jet
    MiG-15 – 1947 fighter
    MiG-17 – 1950 fighter (based on the MiG-15)
    MiG-19 – 1952 fighter, MiG’s first supersonic fighter.
    MiG-21 – 1956 fighter and interceptor that would be widely exported and become the backbone of dozens of air forces.
    MiG-23 – 1967 fighter and fighter-bomber
    MiG-25 – 1964 interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft
    MiG-27 – 1970 ground-attack aircraft derived from the MiG-23.
    MiG-29 – 1977 air superiority fighter and multirole fighter
    MiG-29M, improved variant.
    MiG-29K – 1988 carrier-based multirole fighter and the naval variant of the MiG-29M.
    MiG-31 – 1975 interceptor (based on the MiG-25)
    MiG-35 – 2007 multirole fighter and air superiority fighter (based on the MiG-29)

    Prototypes and experimental aircraft:

    DIS/MiG-5, 1941 (escort fighter)
    MiG-6, 1940 (reconnaissance/ground attack aircraft)
    MiG-7, 1944
    MiG-8 Utka, 1945
    MiG I-200, 1939, prototype for MiG-1
    MiG IP-201, 1941, MiG-1 modified into a testbed for an experimental machine gun
    MiG I-210/MiG-9, 1941, MiG-3 modified with a Shvetsov M-82 radial engine
    MiG I-211/MiG-9E, 1942, prototype high-altitude fighter developed from the I-210
    MiG I-220/MiG-11, 1943
    MiG I-221, 1943, high-altitude interceptor based on I-210
    MiG I-222, 1944, I-221 modified with a pressurized cockpit
    MiG I-224, 1944
    MiG I-225, 1944
    MiG I-230/MiG-3U, 1942, improved MiG-3
    MiG I-231, 1943
    MiG I-250 (N), 1945 (aka “MiG-13”), motorjet fighter prototype
    MiG I-270 (Zh), 1947
    MiG I-300, 1945, prototype for MiG-9
    MiG I-301T/MiG-9UTI, 1947, prototype trainer version of MiG-9
    MiG I-302, 1947, MiG-9 with relocated cannon
    MiG I-305, 1947, MiG-9 with a single Lyulka TR-1 engine
    MiG I-307, 1947, MiG-9 with RD-20F or RD-21 engines
    MiG I-310, 1947, prototype for MiG-15
    MiG I-320 (R), 1949
    MiG I-340, 1952, MiG-17 with Lyulka AM-5F engines
    MiG I-350 (M), 1951
    MiG I-360, 1952, precursor of MiG-19
    MiG I-370/I-1, 1955
    MiG I-380/I-3, 1953
    MiG I-410/I-3P, 1954
    MiG I-420/I-3U, 1956
    MiG I-7U, 1957, heavy interceptor fighter
    MiG I-75, 1958, swept-wing interceptor developed from the I-3
    MiG SM-12, 1957, developed into the MiG-21
    MiG SN, 1953
    Ye-2, 1955
    Ye-4/Ye-5, 1955
    Ye-8, 1962, experimental fighter aircraft
    Ye-50, 1956
    Ye-150, 1958
    Ye-151, cannon armed version of Ye-150
    Ye-152, 1959, fighter
    Ye-166, fictitious designation of Ye-152-1
    MiG-23 – (first use of designation) production designation of Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-2A, 1956
    MiG-23 – (second use of designation) early name of Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-8 (E-8/1 and E-8/2), 1960
    MiG-AT, 1996
    MiG-110, 1995
    MiG MFI objekt 1.44/1.42, 1986–2000
    MiG LFI project
    MiG-105 Spiral, 1965
    Mikoyan LMFS

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Just for fun if one wanted to build the mythical MiG-31 Firefox, would you consider that for the GB?

  • Sebastijan Videc said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Well, to be honest, I’d have to say no. We already have “iModeler At Movies” group and I guess we’d have to allow Top Gun’s MiG-28s in this case as well.

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