Using HTML in Posts

Writing and posting at iModeler does not require any prior knowledge of HTML. iModeler will automatically add the necessary formatting tags to each post, but if you do excercise more precise control over different elements like headings, bullet lists and other additional elements, you can use HTML right in your posts.

Using HTML may also come handy if you are copying & pasting content from another website or blog.

Before you start using HTML code inside your iModeler articles, comments and posts, there are two things you should be aware of.

Firstly, HTML is supported to a strictly controlled extent. iModeler will automatically strip out HTML tags and attributes that are potentially unsafe, can break the post layout or are irrelevant in the current context. For example, you are not permitted to publish JavaScript or styling with CSS within your articles.

Secondly, iModeler will automatically fix any poorly formed HTML code. If you mess up a link or HTML element, iModeler doesn’t recognize it as properly formed code so it will “fix” it for you by replacing < with < or change other code to make it appear as text. Here is the full list of HTML tags permitted in iModeler articles, posts, and coments. [heading]<a href="...">...</a>[/heading] HTML tag to create a hyperlink. [heading]<b>...</b>[/heading] HTML tag for bold emphasis of text (synonym to <strong>). [heading]<blockquote>...</blockquote>[/heading] HTML tag to distinguish quoted or cited text. [heading]<code>...</code>[/heading] HTML tag for preformatted styling of text. Generally sets text in a monospaced font, such as Courier. [heading]<strong>...</strong>[/heading] HTML tag for strong emphasis of text (i.e. bold). [heading]<em>...</em>[/heading] HTML tag for emphasis of text (i.e. italicize). [heading]<del>...</del>[/heading] HTML tag to label text considered deleted from a post. Most browsers display as striked through text. [heading]<h1>...</h1> to <h6>...</h6>[/heading] HTML tag for various level of headings. By default, iModeler posts will use third-level headings in posts. All other levels will simply look the same as h3. [heading]<hr>[/heading] HTML tag for horizontal line (separator) [heading]<img src="">[/heading] HTML tag for image within the text. [heading]<ins>...</ins>[/heading] HTML tag to label text considered inserted into a post. Most browsers display as underlined text. [heading]<li>...</li>[/heading] HTML tag will insert or make the selected text a list item. Used in conjunction with the ul or ol tag. [heading]<p>...</p>[/heading] HTML tag for paragraph. [heading]<ol>...</ol>[/heading] HTML tag will insert a numbered list, or wrap the selected text in same. Each item in an ordered list are typically numbered. [heading]<sub>...</sub>[/heading] HTML tag for subscript [heading]<sup>...</sup>[/heading] HTML tag for superscript [heading]<strike>...</strike>[/heading] HTML tag for striked through text [heading]<strong>...</strong>[/heading] HTML tag for bold emphasis of text [heading]<u>...</u>[/heading] HTML tag for underlined text [heading]<ul>...</ul>[/heading] HTML tag will insert an unordered list, or wrap the selected text in same. An unordered list will typically be a bulleted list of items.

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