I build 1/72 aircraft, from WWII forward, only build them wheels-up. Until Dec. 2019, all my models were brush-painted (or rattle can if NMF). I finally entered the modern age of the airbrush at the end of that year.

Dad was a fighter pilot so I grew up on airbases - he was trained in T-28, T-34 & T-33, then flew F-100, F-101, F-105, F-4 (Cam Ranh Bay) and T-38 (as IP).

I'm a member of Tulsa Modeler's Forum club (www.tulsaipms.org).

Live in Tulsa, 6 kids, 1 GREAT wife.

Love the outdoors and good friends (stop and visit anytime you're in Tulsa!)

REALLY hope to build my complete stash before I die (does anyone actually know someone who has accomplished this?)!

I'm also a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, so if you ever feel the need for some extra prayer, feel free to reach out.