I an a suede of 57 years of age, from the southwest. Born in Gothenburg and later moved to Halmstad.
The hometown of Roxette if anyone can recall that group.
I was 7 when i got introduced to building plastic kits by my father.
Then around 20 i totally lost interest in it. Haven’t build anything since then. But somehow it all came back to me ,and for x- mas last year I got a Spit mark 1 from Xanta or jultomten as we say here in the north part. That kicked me into start again.
I’m planning to build planes that have some sort of meaning to me. Or rather some kind of relation to. I will start off with battle of Britain. And then the
Swedish airforce and so forth.
In 1944 17 th of July, there were two B-24 J Liberators that made an emergency landning in Halmstad after got crippled over Germany after a bombing raid . Thats the kind of project Im in to. A diorama with barbwire and a dog and a plane……
What more. I’ m a decent sailo, and a decent keyboard player and a decent husband. Father of tree girls who now are all grown ups
Used to have a dog. But not anymore. She is now in the happy hunting Grounds chasing cats.

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