57 (gulp!) years old, served 19 odd years with the South African Air Force (SAAF) where I was lucky enough to do 800 hrs on the Harvard (SNJ/TexanT6), firstly as a pupil pilot, then later as an instructor. Another highlight was a posting with the South African Air Force Museum, which got me involved with some very interesting aircraft. My main operational type however, was "fling wings" (Alo III and Puma helicopters) as it is after all, better to stop and land, then to land and try stop! Joined the Australian Army as a lateral recruit in 2006, where I instructed on B206B-1 Kiowas and with BAE Systems employed as a Bell 206 flight instructor training BAE client students. Model build to relax and WHEN I get the chance! My main interest is in WW 2 aircraft, what an era for aviation, how brave were those aircrew in those momentous times of World War 2! My wife and I and our two girls, reside in Sale, VIC, Australia.