Hello fellow modellers!
My name is Manuel, I was born in 1968 in PortugaI and work in Information Technologies.
I started building models as a child and stopped around my 19/20 years.
I returned to the hobby around December of 2017, that is, after an almost 30 years break.
Since I still have many boxes from the ’80s, I’m essentially building very old kits.
I like mainly airplanes on the 1/72 and 1/48 scales and military vehicles and figures in 1/35.
I always try to reproduce a model that I saw in a photograph, which is why you will sometimes find one ‘real’ photo among the others in the post. For this same reason, my models have different levels of weathering, depending on the reality they are representing.
Personally I like (and this hobby is to give us some pleasure) dirty and worned models, but I also understand that this is not always the reality and therefore these techniques are not always adequate.
In fact, making a model with a ‘normal’ wear aspect can also be challenging.
To conclude, I ask you for constructive and sincere criticisms, not just courteous ‘congratulations’.
(Update) Don’t get me wrong on this, please. I like (a lot) all your kind words about the articles that I’ve posted as well as the questions.

Thank you,