Hello modellers!

I've been a modeller since I was basically born. I started off with the traditional Hornby sets and now have a better value with modelling aircraft and warfare subjects. My first kit was of course an Airfix Beaufighter and BF109G Dogfight Doubles, I look back and think to myself how rubbish it looked! But now I see myself as getting involved with proper modelling. I love trying out and exploring an array of subjects during mainly First World War and Second World War as these were the main perspective of warfare, long with future warfares can sometime be of interest. I do sometimes build the odd peace-time subjects like liners and at the minute, one car.

I also have a passion for artwork, mainly aviation, armoured and naval warfare, but also the odd different subjects. The modelling can also help out with my art with certain models. If anyone is interested in getting an original piece of art from me let me know by simply messaging me and letting me know of the order.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel ModArt633


Well what really else can I say? Apart from happy modelling guys and good luck with projects!

Regards - Michael 🙂