Back into modeling after about 45 year absence. Needed to pick up some new old hobbies. Had an old model (Revell P40) laying around that I had got for my boys 12 or so years ago that never got built, so I figured I would build it. Boys are grown and out of the house. That got me going again and have built 4 since then (last few months). Working on number 5. Starting to get the hang of the airbrush. Built a lot as a 10 to 14 yr old back in the late 70s. Revell master modelers club. Alway liked getting those in the mail about every 6 weeks. Testors bottles and brushes. Lots of info out there on the web unlike back in the day. Have watched a lot of helpful videos since starting...painting, weathering, etc. Lots to learn.

Live in Almost Heaven WV with wife and dogs. Children in TX and CO for now.