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WZ.34 Polish Armored Car (First To Fight 1/72)

December 10, 2014 in Armor

A very little model of a polish WWII armored car WZ.34 kit by FirstToFight. Easy and fun to build, good kit. I’ve only replaced a headlight with aftermarket one.

Painted with Vallejo Model Color, freehand camo. Weathered with oils, pigments.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to WZ.34 Polish Armored Car (First To Fight 1/72)

  1. A good example that stunning kits don t have to be big !
    Very nice, well done 🙂
    It seems that the kits from this company are quite nice.

  2. Great build of a very small kit Dmitry.
    Nicely weathered.
    Well done Dmitry.

  3. Nice model of an unusual subject, As usual, very well done Dmitry.

  4. Great paintwork & weathering on something this small.

  5. very cool little build Dmitry. I repeat what others have said – very nice job on a tiny kit. from some angles, your photos look to be of a larger scale kit. Nice job!

  6. I agree with the masses about the build, but…..where can I get one of those lighters? 🙂

  7. Very nice Dmitry. I love these early armored cars. What is fun is to see how many different kinds they made. I even found one that was powered by a aircraft engine in the rear with a open propeller to push it!
    Thanks for posting. I might have to search one of these out. lLooks like fun.
    California Steve

  8. Outstanding job Dmitry, you sure got everything out of that kit and more. From the pictures it was hard to tell it wasn’t a 1/35 scale kit.

  9. Very good modelling, Dmitry, the finish really lifts this model out of the ordinary.

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