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1/35 Trumpeter M1131 Stryker FSV

This is my first attempt at building an armor vehicle, so please be merciful with me…and any suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated. This build replicates my son’s M1131 Stryker FSV while he was assigned as a Fire Support Team[...]

Whippet MK A , Meng , 1/35 .

Abandoned, sci-fi, rusty Whippet !

The Mouse that roared, Germany’s Panzer VIII ‘Maus’

This is Dragon's older 1/35th Panzer VIII "Maus" - Germany's 'super' tank from the end of the war. Only a couple were completed, and it was found that they were too big to transport by rail, and no bridge in Europe could support their weight! A[...]

Scratch build Patriot Launcher Module

The photos are not in chronological order. That meant I had to upload one photo at a time to keep it in the right order. I just could not be bothered. (Is there a way to do so after upload?). This is a build I did way in 2007, if my memory ser[...]

Russian T-55 Medium Tank MI958

This tank kit is another fine example of a quality factory model. It had next to no flashing and the parts fit together with no problems. It looks like I made some hand/foot brackets from my different size's of modeling wire. They were made usin[...]

German King Tiger Tank

This is a very nice 1/72 scale model to build with no problems at all. Everything fit together and all I did was lightly sand the parts that fit to another part. I have used thin super glue since 1985 and their gap filling glue only. The box ar[...]

Russian Maxim Machine Gun

I don't have a photo of the bag that this model came in, nor the instructions, so I just looked at the parts and put it together and then painted it. I built a small styrofoam base and applies some hobby shop model grass on it. Cheers! Rodney


YOU GUESSED IT.......I had to go out in my back yard and get more sandstone for this model. A million guys could come over and get a piece of my sandstone and there will still be enought stone for another couple of million models. If you don't [...]

German Gun Truck

A wonderful kit to build and of course I got some more sandstone slabs to put this model on. Everything went together just fine and it was painted with my Tamiya paints. Another armor model is on its' way! Enjoy! RJW

Russian T-34-85 Tank

Another easy model to build. The box art show's a winter scene so I check my supply of snow that I got from the hobby shop long ago and I have plenty of it. Some how I missed taking photos of the tread's being painted and installed, but the fin[...]