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Tamiya, IDF M151 A2, TOW in 1/35 scale

Hi Guys here is my Tamiya, IDF M151 A2 Orev (TOW) in 1/35 scale. Aftermarket parts: Legend IDF Orev 1/35 M151A2 Detailing Set Eduard 1/35 M-151A2 photo-etch colors and weathering effects by Ammo-Mig, Tamiya and AK. Have a great day!!

T-54B, Syrian Army, Trumpeter 1/35

Hi, This is not my first model, but certainly my first post here. I hope you like it. This is the old model released by Trumpeter in the 90s (Item No. 00338) and it gives you the chance to do it as a static model or a motorised kit. A nice to[...]

Tiger I 1/35 Tamiya

A good friend once said to me.."Get a hobby, any hobby, you'll always learn something". So I purchased this Tamiya Tiger and learned about Michael Wittman. This was a fun two week build and I got to practice weathering effects. The category and[...]

Objekt 272 T-10M, Meng 1//35

This tank is the evolutionary dead end of Soviet heavy tanks. Some people mark the IS-4 or IS-7 as the final example of eastern bloc heavy tanking, but the T-10M has the distinction of being the last of the dinosaurs to shuffle off to the boney[...]

StuG IV, Tamiya, 1/35

I have finished it about a month ago. My very first try in 1/35 scale. One of that old and simple Tamiya kits, buit out of the box with just a few minor and modest improvements. No PE, no metal or resin aftermarket parts - even the antennaes wer[...]

Military museum of Cartagena (Spain)

Today I show you a new museum that I visit whenever I can. It is located in Cartagena (Spain). It has a good collection of artillery pieces and several tanks that have served in the Spanish army. the T26, the Stug IV, etc. perfectly restored[...]

Rusty old T-34

I built this T-34 as part of a larger diorama that I am going to build. I experimented a lot with different techniques such as using a sponge to paint chipped paint. Overall it was a very fun build.

Saumur Tank Musseum (France)

1/48 Tamiya JS-2 Finished

Finished the Tamiya JS-2 (started October 2019) and sat stagnant for a few months as it was missng a sprue ( which was re-ordered and arrived March 2020) - 100% OOB nothing added. A great kit and I painted it in conjunction with the T-55 as pai[...]

Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn

This kit was absolutely friggin beautiful. I highly, highly recommend it for anyone. The Nashorn, formerly referred to as the Hornisse (Hornet), was a formidable tank destroyer with an open top Pz III/IV hull, a crew of 5, and the widely feare[...]