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First WW1 era model, MENG Whippet.

Have never done anything from this era. Solid kit, track was a complete PIA. But the outcome was worth it. First MENG kit, no fit issues at all. I’ll try another in the near future. Happy New Year modelers! 👍

Scale modeller Reacts - Panzermeister36Lord of the StuG's · on youtube

Creepy Jeepy Thingies

Just some fun kits that take a couple of days to build and the rest of the week to paint and weather. A Dragon Kettenkrad, an Italeri Kubelwagen, a Tamiya SAS Desert Rat Jeep and a Willys. All 1/35. The Dragon Kettenkrad has a more pieces [...]

The tough cows

Another whimsical idea based on past experience with Fresian Holstien cattle...not while I was in a tank but on tractors and in farm trucks mostly. They are curious animals, they're also large and quite strong therefore difficult to move [...]

Who's tired of C-Rations?

This dates from late 2013, an idea that came to me out of the blue one day The Academy 1/35 M-18 used, it gave me a decent base and assembled well. It was upgraded with a Verlinden interior set and ModelKasten workable tracks. The interior [...]

Tamiya 1/35 M4A3E8

My first official model.

LAV III Built from Scratch

This is one of the LAV III models I built from scratch a while ago. Built from pine. Suspension up. This is the standard original version, next versions to come out were the LAV LORIT, With upgraded storage for operations in Afghanistan. [...]


I finished the Chieftain kit made by Takom. The kit has a moderate number of parts, and there were no difficulties in assembling it. This time, I added tank soldier figures and a camouflage net to the original kit, and removed some of the [...]

1/35 Trumpeter T-62

And another on the old build parade This was done in 2016, spring I think. It required considerable modification such as adjusting the suspension to reflect fire weakened tortion bars, the bottomed out cannon, the unshipped turret, and of [...]

The mouse that roared

Dragon's 1/35 Tiger II, done in 2014. I recall this kit being quite un-Dragonish as the instructions were mistake free and clear. The fit was superb, and the Magic Track links were a perfect friction fit that made assembly quite [...]