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1/35 Italeri WC 54

I love the stable of Dodge trucks from World War Two! This is the 1/35 Italeri WC 54 Ambulance. I added the tool rack and a couple of jerrycans to make feel more complete. I still have four or five WC 51’s, an M6 (WC 55) and a WC 63 To finish.[...]


I made this a while ago put forgot to post it. Since I only had wood at the time, it was used for the base and the details. Both the Sherman and Anti tank gun are from Tamiya.

1/35 Academy M163 SPAAG

The M113 APC was the principle armored personnel carrier of the US Army, NATO and various allied forces from the 1960s to the 1990s till it was replaced in that role by various infantry fighting vehicles such as the Bradley, FV432 and Marder. I[...]

Tiny Tank – Plastic Soldier Co 1/72 M5A1 Stuart

My first tank since I was a kid is the Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 M5A1 Stuart in the markings of Canada's Lord Strathcona Horse Regiment. I'm not sure I weathered it enough...

Tamiya Panzer III

I had so much fun doing the Monogram Panzer IV, I decided to do a second armor project and chose the Tamiya Panzer III Ausf. L. This one is out of the box and as every 1/48 Tamiya armor kit I’ve done, it was very enjoyable. Good detail and not o[...]

A Nostalgia Build

I’ve been lagging on getting my completed models photographed of late. This Monogram Panzer IV is my June “no frills build” as well as a jump back in time to the first armor kits I made back in the early 70’s. I think I was 11 or 12 when I built[...]

Tamiya M3 Stuart, North Africa

Hi all, Here is my rendition of Tamiya's M3 Stuart (late). I built it out of the box, with the addition of some Value Gear stowage and used the kit markings for an American tank in North Africa. The real tank was knocked out in the first clashe[...]

Argentine Army FWD truck

Greetings to all forum members. On this occasion I wanted to show you this project. It is the FWD truck model B from Zvezda, in 1/35. The level of detailing and fitting of the parts is very good. It seemed to me, for its quality, the best kit[...]

Korea GB: Tamiya 1/35 M-41 Walker Bulldog

Ok this build was amazing. I absolutely love Tamiya and I only ever want to build their tanks now haha! The only downside per say was the tracks, which I figured a way to do well. But it's done! For now, at least. You may see it again. Not sure [...]

German Leopard 1A4 Kit Meng Leopard 1 A3…

German Leopard 1A4 Kit: Meng Leopard 1 A3/A4 (TS-007)) All my models: Photo Editing: Adobe Lightroom Helicon Focus (focus stacking) Enjoy and comments welcome.