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F-11F Tiger – Lindberg 1/48

Greetings fellow modelers! This time I brought to you a rare jet from Lindberg: the F-11F Tiger. It's a comission, but I found it to be really interesting. I've never built anything from Lindberg, and the only thing I knew from this brand was t[...]

Weigh Station

This build had taken me some time to put together. The base is a pic frame mount with poster board foam as ground base. The electronic ground concrete ground mounts and fence concrete rectangular blocks were both plaster cast and poster board f[...]

Sea Knight

Hello from Middle Earth ! Been a wee while since my last completed build here, even longer since my last SAR project. So here is, fresh from my bench, Academy's excellent HH-46 Sea Knight complete with kit decals for a machine from SOMS Kaneohe[...]

Shand Mason Steam Driven Water Pumper 1/12th scale Scratchbuilt

Shand Mason Steam Driven Water Pumper. Made from the drawings by Edgar.T.Westbury to 1/12th scale For those that like to make things that are based on ‘death and destruction’, then this is NOT for you, this model is based on the exact opposite[...]

A few of my builds over the years

Hi all, A newbie here. This is my first post , so what I have done is just get a few of my past builds. The aircraft are mostly 1/32 scale, a few 1/48 in there but not many and the mossie is 1/24. The vehicles are all 1/35 The figures are 120 [...]

1/48 Dora Wings Dewoitine D.501

The Dewoitine D.500 series holds a special place in aviation history as the first all-metal, stressed-skin, fully cantilever construction, low wing monoplane, single seat fighter to operate in significant numbers with a major air force. Yes, the[...]

USS Slater DE-766

Hey All, Here’s my 1/700, DE-766, USS Slater. The USS SLATER, is a Cannon class Destroyer Escort (DE), named for Frank O. Slater of Alabama, a sailor killed aboard the USS San Francisco during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. In 2012 I visit[...]

Custom Republic Marine Star Wars clone trooper

Where to start with this build? Bandai 1/12 Star Wars Clone Trooper. Started off trying to do something unique with the paint scheme did some research and my goodness there are tons of different variations people have come up with! It’s almost i[...]

Kenworth W 924 S.A.R. with 4 row of 4 Low Loader and 2 row of 4 Dolly – 1/16th scale

Here's something that was made 30 years ago, strange thing is, that NOBODY has ever made a better 1/16th scale Kenworth model in ALL those years. My opinion only, others may agree or disagree. Lot's of 1/16th trucks have been made, but they are [...]

1/32 Albatros BII – Wingnut Wings

Maybe I should have titled this submission "Avon Sabre begets Albatros BII". To explain: In mid-2016 I travelled to the Australian Model Expo in Melbourne, where highly gifted modeller Eric Galliers unveiled his superb 1/32 scale model of th[...]