Tiger Meet 1991 – Alpha Jet (21 posts)

  • …yes I’m still going to build a ‘Flying Tiger’, but after the Thunderbolt, I really, really wanted to build an Alpha Jet, so why not build one I actually saw in-the-flesh which just happens to be wearing Tiger Stripes !!

    Not a straightforward build so far, more akin to a limited-run kit than a mainstream injection molded one. These were ‘on sale’ over at Lucky Model a few weeks back so I snapped-one-up for just £17.00 !! – the Wingman decals, I got from Hannants, they were almost as expensive but d*mn what a fantastic sheet.

    More soon, stay tuned.


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  • Interesting subject Ian, looking good.

  • Fuselage all done and buttoned-up. The nose weight that you saw in the previous pics is
    definitely needed !! Not too much filling of the left/right halves needed but that’s because I removed most of the locating pegs.

    Fair bit of putty and very careful rubbing-down needed to fair-in the windshield at the front.

    Next will be to repaint the empenage in a flat white prior to the yellow. Won’t get any done over the weekend because of ‘Daddy Duties’. More next week hopefully as it seems to be a light week for work.


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  • Looks like you have made some great progress…………………. thanks for the updates.

  • Glad you entered this into the GB – I really like the small trainer/attack types like the Alpha Jet

  • Paint is happening !!


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  • More paint


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  • Wings on – apologies for the cr*ppy phone photos !!


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  • Wing roots were a little ‘troublesome’ which I fully expected, but a smear of Squadron ‘Fine’ and a little rubbing, polishing and re-painting/masking/re-painting again, and we’re all done.

    Next I’ll mask ready for the anti-glare panel and anti-corrosion areas on the intake ramp & lips. No tidying up to do with the camo, all went exactly to plan – cannot think when that last happened, but I’ll take-it !!

    More soon.


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  • Great jet trainer, I allways liked the Alpha Jet. Nice job on this cat-in-the-making Ian.

  • Now with stripes – and a panel wash…


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  • Starting to look rather tigerish!

  • Coming along well Ian.

  • Thanks guys… been working on-and-off on this one over the last week, so expect some progress photos tomorrow.


  • Decals finished now – took three sessions to get all those stencils on, but d*mn they look good – next will be a flat coat (hopefully this afternoon), then I’ll leave it over the weekend to fully dry/cure and complete the detail painting and final assembly early next week.


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