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Revell 1/12 scale 2010 Ford Shelby GT500

One of my few ventures into automotive modeling, I won this kit at a club raffle, and just had to build it. I built it box stock, only painting the stripes instead of trying to use the battleship armor they give you for decals. The colour is actual Ford Grabber Blue automotive laquer over a base coat of Tamiya rattle can White Fine Surface Primer. The engine bay has nearly a dozen decals, and the cabin has over thirty. I used Tamiya paints primarily, the most heavily used being Semi Gloss black and NATO Black, which is more of a super dark grey. This kit was an absolute joy to build, and I have another in the stash, which is going to get a whole lot of extra detail under the hood.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. 1/12th scale, huh...? So that's like what...15"-16" long ? And you're right...that engine bay cries out for a super detailing job, doesn't it? I would think the interior could stand some as well. AND the undercarriage (where will it all end?). Looks really nice - needs to to encased to keep it clean now.

  2. Looks very nice, George, it seems that you've done a very good job on the paintwork. I like both the model AND the car...

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