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Benz Patent Motorwagen 1886 – ICM – 1/24

Hello everyone My latest build is the exquisite ICM's kit, Benz Patent Motorwagen 1886 in 1/24 scale. A very good kit, highly recommended for a pleasant weekend job.

John Deere 310

This is the latest edition to my tractor collection, Ertl's John Deere 310. As a kid, I always wanted this kit, but never found it in the hobby stores I had available to me. I recently found this original 1975 kit on eBay for reasonable price,[...]

Porsche 356C Cabriolet (Revell GmbH 07043)

At long last, Finished! (more about that later). I took the paint inspiration from several 1-1 cars I found online. The body is a blend of decanted Tamiya spray: British Racing Green, Brilliant Blue, and White. The interior is two different blen[...]

1:25 John Deere 4440 – Ertl 4430 Conversion

A good friend of mine found this kit at a garage sale for me. While my first 4430 build was the re-packaged 1990s version of the kit this one was the original kit from the 1970s. The inside of the box is stamped OCT 25 1973. Which I though was[...]


This is my take on the Alfa 2300 Monza. It's a fairly poor kit and reqired quite a bit of work. I've used somewhat massive amount of add ons, all scratch built to fit. The engine bay is re-wired with various copper and vinyl pieces and a new ign[...]

Red Bull Renault RB8 Revell 1/24

My first racing car model, Red Bull Renault RB8 from Revell 1/24 driven by Sebastian Vettell during the German Grand Prix 2012 season, I had the chance to see this car during the EEUU Grand Prix in Austin Texas; Vettel won his third Drivers' cha[...]

Tamiya 1/12 xv1600.

Here's the next chapter in my current motorcycle fixation. It's Tamiya's XV1600 Custom which I have modified slightly to look more like a "semi-customised" version.... I removed all the kit's fake chrome and re-did all the metal with assorted Al[...]

Tamiya 1/12 yamaha virago xv1000.

This is my take on Tamiya's Yamaha XV1000..... Built from the box except that I removed the fake chrome plating and used Alclad for all the metal bits. I decided to paint it in a custom "retro" style scheme with Tamiya's Pearl Clear overall to g[...]

1963 Corvette Stingray, ‘route 66’,1/24 Revell.

And now for something that doesn't shoots, fires at or blows up things. One of the coolest TV shows on in the early 1960's was 'route 66', it had two guys driving across the America[and Canada] in a Corvette, working at odd jobs and interacting[...]


С 1982 года Oshkosh выпускает многофункциональный тяжелый высоко-мобильный тактический грузовик (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) или HEMTT с колесной формулой 8х8 с полезной нагрузкой 10-11 тонн и полной массой в пределах 28-43 тонн, он [...]