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revell harbor tug

May 7, 2013 · in Ships · · 11 · 3.4K

a drinking buddy of mine asked me to build this for him one night when he and i and our wives were playing sequence...the case was on sale at Michaels for about 15 bucks...the pedestals are some spare bathroom doorknobs i had laying around...the tire bumpers were bought at the hardware "O" rings because the kit ones were pathetic...a rough kit requiring a lot of cleanup...i gave it to him Saturday night...he was thrilled

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  1. The photos are nice (as is the tug & the case), but how about a little background on the build. Cat got your tongue..? 🙂

  2. If I'm not mistaken this is one of Revell's earlier kits. Very clean build of a basic kit.
    Wish I'd have seen that case on sale.

  3. See, now thats what I'm talking about! Using "O" rings for the bumpers, how many people would have thought of that? I know I would not have. That is why a group should be started about unusual tools and techniques. Even though I do not build ships, I am adding "O" rings to my list of tools, you never know, I may find another application for them. Well done Bob, on both the tugboat and the technique/tool.

  4. I love your tugboat. I have a '56 Revell catalog that lists it. I built one of these in the late '70s. The local hobby shop owner asked me to allow it to be displayed in the store. When I came home from National Guard Annual Training, the store had closed up and I never saw my tugboat again. Cracking build. Adios, Larry.

    • thank you that explains a lot...i thought it was a 70's kit but if it's 1956 that explains the awful flash and misalignment...even the pegs didn't fit the holes...a neat piece of modelling history...very rewarding build

      • Here's a little additional info on the kit's origins. I have an unbuilt original release. It was a Revell "S" kit. Copyrite on the box says 1956. It was molded in a off-white or light gray? plastic. Price $1.29.

  5. Built that kit @1963, still had wrecked bits in my weird parts stash until about 1990. Great work on an old, rough kit.

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