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1/700 U-48 type VII u-boat

This was my first experience in 700 scale. And I think the last one. After watching a video on my respected Scaletone channel, I was inspired and bought this model. I certainly enjoyed the project, but the result was mixed. The whole [...]

USS Lexington CV-2 1942 (1/350 Trumpeter)

USS Lexington CV-2 1942 (1/350 Trumpeter) After more than 6 months, +1500 parts and 280 hours of work, I finished the USS Lexington, a restored and renovated model. Added many improvements… Styrene plastruct sheet, rod, strip, generic [...]

Revell 1/72 U.S. Navy Swift Boat Mk.1

My recently completed Revell 1/72 Swift Boat Mk.1. Once again this is mainly brush painted. The only spray paint used is the under coat red on the lower hull. The flag was printed off on printer paper, folded in half over some 0.25mm [...]

1/700 IJN Akagi, Battle of Midway


1/700 IJN Momi

build log (link)

Revell of Germany 1/144 Landing Ship Medium

Last year and a half I devoted it to 1/144 scale, this is the last model of that effort, I improved many details with plastic sheets, strips and rods, copper wire, brass rod and tubes, piano wire, thin aluminum paper and replaced the [...]

Build thread for Border Models Type Vll U Boat

So, first build of the this year and first after retirement from working at a great company for 27 years! Now I have the time and the kits! No figures, and not using the conning tower interior cause the hatches are closed. Stay tuned for [...]

1/350 Revell-Germany U-Boot type VII U-81,1941

Hi folks, an easy and reasonably accurate kit,with a different camo: (link)U-81(1941) Hope you like,and thanks for visiting! Marcus

18TH Century Long Boat

Happy 2023 All, I've been itching to do another wood boat kit but I did not want to get into a long term project so I went with this Model Shipway's 18th Century Long Boat. This was a nice change of pace and fun to build and I'm pleased [...]

Revell 1/50th Viking Longship