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Zvezda 1/350 Delta IV ‘TULA review

Unfinished business…

My biggest challenge so far. I received this model quite damaged by the courier which I was very angry about. Unfortunately, this was last model in the online store and I didn't want to make a bit of drama for money refund so I decide it to asse[...]

Uss Momsen – DDG-92

This Trumpeter model has only been made with the kit's photo-etched parts and adding only Flyhawk ladders. The kit represents the early version of the ship and has been modified to include the aft Phalanx. Numerous modifications have been made a[...]

Uboat Type II B (1943), Revell 1/144

Good day all, As far as I can remember, I have always build airplanes, even when I modelled at a (much) younger age. Recently I received an invitation to join the 'Naval ships and boats' group from David Kopielski @davids_models, thanks David. [...]

Airfix RAF Rescue Launch 1/72

My completed 1/72 RAF Rescue Launch. This is the first time I have made the ‘fish trap’ type of antennas as used on vessels. Need to practice more. Colours used are Vallejo Model Color Golden Yellow, Vallejo Air Black and Halfords spray can unde[...]

Revell Northsea Fishing Trawler, 1:142

This is my third model. I can say, this one was the easiest so far. The model, molding to be specific is quite good quality, all parts fits just fine. The only problem with this package is that for some reason I didn't received not a single dec[...]

Revell, Rescue boat Hermann Marwede 1/200

My second model. A bit easy model to assemble and a lot of fun with it. This time I diluted acrylic paint :D The only thing I didn't use is the modeling paste for gaps or putty. I noticed that some parts are not fitting properly so I forgot to u[...]

Harbour Tug Boat LUCKY XI ( 1:108 )

Hmm, where to start... My very first model. With this model I had absolutely no knowledge in modeling, paint and all those stuff. First, I used completely different glue, for rubber... Second, I wasn't diluting the paint...luckily I used acrylic[...]

Hms Renown at Suez

Generic photo-etchings with other details in scracth. The main guns have been replaced with those of Rb models. I have replaced the chains with others made with copper wire and the fore and aft masts have also been completely rebuilt. The Trumpe[...]

1/72 Revell S-100 class Boat

WIP on my 1/72 Revell S-100 class boat. Paints used are Vallejo Model Color Tan Earth for the wood parts, Vallejo Model Air White Grey for the sides and superstructures, Vallejo Model Air AMT-11 Blue Grey for the decking, Vallejo Model Air Germa[...]