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Just a little something different....

Normally I do not do any type of figure kits, and quite frankly I don't really like to do them. However these I did for a very good friend of mine. Not only did we work together for many years, we have been very good friends.I did these in exchange for our friendship and an occasional good glass of scotch. Also he belongs to the Colling's Foundation and he arranged for me to have a ride on a B-17. The B-24 is next. Considering all of that, I suffered through building these for him. He is happy with them and has them displayed. I just will not get in the habit of trying to do too many of these. They are a little out of my realm.

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  1. Always good to work out side of your "comfort zone" when building models. I recognize Spiderman, Cap't America and Dick Tracy but who is the good lookin fella with the death ray? Nice work, very colorful.

  2. Something different, and, like all your work, very nicely finished.

  3. Well done, Frank. I feel your pain. I often make things (not models) for people that leave me scratching my head.

  4. A well built model is a well built model. It is always good to broaden our horizons. I can still see you workmanship & attention to detail in these.

  5. Quality time, quality models, good friends. It's what the hobby is all about.

  6. For a ride in "Nine-O-Nine", I'd build anything he wanted! Free. 🙂

  7. i love the creature from the black lagoon and some of those auroras...fine work

  8. I like 'em ,there fun. I used to have a kit of the Hunchback of Notre dame, does anyone remember that one it was quite creepy really.

  9. Hey, no need to explain youself. Those look like fun. Besides , I would do a LOT of things for a B-17 ride. A lot.

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