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Apollo 11 frog men at work

OK, going up was all exciting, circling and landing on the moon was also exciting. Going back to Earth was exciting too. Then what? Interesting footage of the US navy frog men at work doing their best to secure the capsule and then make a safe[...]

20mm Oerlikon

Scratch built 20mm Oerlikon.The barrel is 6.5 inches long.Apart from the main spring.the rest is wood.

Helldiver Down

As some of you know or you will learn, I am a big SB2C Helldiver fan. A major work is in the planning stage for a Dio with several planes. Why am I such a fan? I am a member of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) based in Dallas Texas, USA. I [...]

A fixer upper project

This kit has so many things wrong with it. I'm not sure of the scale, of the plane type, but it was given to me (temporarily) to fix and clean by my ROTC Instructor Major Whited. I would like to pick your collective brains to clean, take apart, [...]

Another Old Academy 1/48 Model, Sukhoi Su-27

Sadly by the time when I made this model I'm only have 3 photos has information, so the color are no right and I really don’t know if the scheme it’s right or not, but I really like it, what do you think?

Just arrived on my front porch

Just arrived. Tore into it like a ravening wolf. A more detailed review will be up at M2 next week. But right off, the surface detail is amazing, more petite even than the recent Fw-190 and Tempest, if such is possible. For those who say "yeah,[...]

Winchester Rifle

This is a scratch built model of a Winchester rifle.It’s 10 inches long and made from wood.Just something I knocked up while waiting for the kettle to boil.😄

My 1/48 Scale MiG-29 by Academy

Another 1/48 Hasegawa kit Bf-109F-4

1/48 G4M Mitsubishi ‘Betty’

Tell me the truth, what do you think, I can handle the truth! 🥴