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Back It up Mack, Atomic Annie’s In Town

Considered obsolete as a strategic weapon during it's time in the Army's inventory, the "Atomic Cannon" was impressive in size and a cause for concern by it's enemies. Able to hurl an atomic shell some ten miles, the guns were a deterrent again[...]

FINISHED! Fw 190 and He 162

I'm finished with both the 162 and 190. I'm very proud of both of these models, especially the 162, because I feel like I got them both right! Yes, there was an emergency paint change on the 162, (long story, spilled and ran out of paints), but [...]

formation aerobatics in 1/3 scale RC models!

It's hard to do this IN the cockpit. From the ground???

Telford part 3. – or some random pictures I took in Telford at the 2019 Scale Model World event

...and the final part. That's all folks!

A fun kit from start to finish! Or “Orange you glad Round 2 re-pops the classics?”

What a fun kit, certainly had some challenges, the biggest being that the instructions have you install the chain and sprockets before you paint the frame. I simply did kind of what you would do on a real bike, separated the chain and slipped t[...]

Yellow Wessex

This is the Wessex HAR.2 from Mark 1 Models in 1/144 scale. It's a nice kit for the scale with recessed panel lines and pretty good detail overall. I added a little bit of cockpit detail including seat harnesses and instrument gauges, and also [...]

Cleveland IPMS Show

What a great year for Cleveland...can't believe I'm typing that :) but despite showing up to snow flurries first thing in the morning, the day cleared up and a lot of people showed. 495 models registered in all categories. Since I'm biased tow[...]

EDUARD 1:72 F6F-3 Hellcat, VF-16, USS LEXINGTON CV-16, late 1943

This build brought back memories of my childhood on the '50s, early '60s building Monogram F6Fs. Though the surface detail is great, typical Eduard, i felt the need to replace many smaller detail parts with the following. Brassin resin P&W r[...]

Dio Float Plane splash down

I want to create a splashdown in a float plane and am trying to figure out how to create the spray from the floats planing. I've read lots of advice on how to create water rapids and such, but landing on floats causes spray from not only the flo[...]

While I’m on an S-3 roll (Thanks Drew!)

The Iraqi Freedom cruise saw many firsts for the S-3 community, being the first time squadrons deployed with both the SLAM-ER (standard land attack missile extended range) and Maverick missile. For VS-38 we made history by being the only S-3 sq[...]