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Paint preferences.

I am getting back into the hobby after 30 years! So much has changed. I would like to get some opinions on paints. Back in the 1980's, I only had access to the Testors enamels, which are great paints. Now I see lots of acrylic paints availab[...]

Time for some nostalgia

Monogram's venerable four star "plastikit" SBD Dauntless was originally released in 1960. It was until the Accurate Miniatures and Hasegawa SBDs the only game in town in 1/48. Over the years some very impressive models have been built using th[...]

Japanese T74 MBT.

I’ve put this model on before but I‘be made a few changes to it.First a new reshaped turret,wider tracks and better guide teeth on the tracks. I copied the dimensions from the Tamiya 1/35 scale kit which I‘ve placed next to it for comparison. I [...]

40mm Bofors gun.

It’s been a long time since I put a model on the site,so here is a scratch built model of a 40mm Bofors gun I made from wood.At full elevation it’s nine inches high.

Scale Modeling In The Time Of Corona

Self isolation, social distancing, work from looks like ideal time for scale modeling. Sounds like a wet dream of every modeler, but somehow it is not working for me. Maybe it is because I use this hobby as a decompression tool at „no[...]

P-40E Hasegawa 1/32 – my first post

Hi Guys, I've been meaning to share for awhile and am finally getting around to it during this coronavirus emergency. This is a great way to relax after a week of stress learning to work from home. I hope these pics are the right size. I shr[...]

The Last of the Many

Some days ago, when stockpiling was all in fashion due to the novel corona virus, I got an idea for a simple model: a roll of toilet paper. An actual live size roll acted as an original for this 1/10 scale model of it. A piece of styrene tube [...]

My “Squadron” Stuart is done!

So, for those that missed the beginning of the story, I have loved this kit since I was a kid when it came out in 1974. Recently I decided to see if I could find an original release, 1974 boxing and did at Skyway Models here in Seattle. I was [...]

1/25 Scale Ford Starliner Car

1/35 Regelbau type 650 gun bunker

This will be only a third of the entire bunker (complete bunker aprox 51+ cm in 1/35 scale ) Have made this R650 type before, but without the war damage. See picture . The gun is schratsbuild, Only found a hand full of drawings of the actual gu[...]