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If this is true it’s a bombshell!

Where to find supplies

I am going to be building some biplanes, I have rigging questions. I have found you tube videos and articles on rigging. I have EZ line. My question is where can I find some of the other supplies? Things like micro tubing and ring anchors. [...]

Checkertail Clan Mustang progress

Seems like forever since I posted! Well here is progress on the cockpit, Barracuda Cast seat, and radios and battery. Eduard "Look" instrument panel. The seatbelts were a quandary. I had some Eduard PE ones from a failed Dragon P-51 build, b[...]

Warhammer stuff

Love paint those guys


And with the 109's in 1/72 rolling off the machine at Special Hobby, it is now the Buchón that is released. There are some nice details in the kit, like the pointy ferry tank they used for flights to their African bases. One rather important d[...]

Something Different. Hasegawa. Camel.1/16

Present from Dearly Beloved! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Didn't go as far as this guy with individual turnbuckles I'm afraid! Lost my eysight threading the rigging. The tail area was most troublesome. It's not that strong so if you overtension [...]

40mm Bofors gun.

This is a scratch built wooden model of a 40mm Bofors gun at 1/12 scale made from pine and ply.Took 4 weeks to make on and off.Copied from a 1/72 kit but with a lot more detail.

First 2021 build- Tamiya (Italeri) 1/48 Kfz.305 4×2 Cargo Truck

Question to self- Self, what stash denizen can be built (vanquished?) in the least amount of time?... Here's the victim. Not a kit to greatly inspire, as the Italeri roots = meh. Half down drivers window sprue gate shattered despite my best e[...]

My next project and a request for help !…

Hi fellow iModelers , I'm hoping this will be my next project but I think I will need some help from a kind hearted fellow iModeler or two , as a lifelong fan of Motorhead I was excited to see Airfix brought out this little beauty and put one o[...]

Revel 1/48 F-86D Sabre dog, JRV

Here it is, a model that I started 10 years ago, so,it's a little jubilee. Anyway, my representation of Yougoslav's air force, F86D with nose art ,which is not common at that time but there ( somewhere online) is a picture of this plane. Deca[...]