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New Models Purchased

Hello all, I was thinking that it would be a great idea to share with you the kits i recently purchased from the hobby store. I was lucky and got the Prince of Wales at a bargain $64 for its massive size. Both kits are Tamiya and their quality[...]

A-7 Nuclear bomber Thank goodness they never used this.

The “V” weapons of Nazi Germany. V1

As time elapses and moves into he future mercilessly, the various preservation efforts Of the artefacts of War in France, Belgium And the Netherlands seek to remind us that even though the machinery and Weapons May look cool they were in fact th[...]

Museum Part 3

A bit over due but there was a lot of interesting exhibits besides planes.

Trumpeter F-14B 1/32

Hello again from Viet Nam ! It’s been awhile:)) Trumpeter F-14B in 1/32 scale is nothing but trouble, yes the details is nice enough if you will to ignore all glaring shape issues, fit issues and those rivet. I've used ejection seats from Qu[...]

Sad news…

Hello, I'm P38J's (Bob) son Bob Jr. I regret to say you've lost one fine modeler, as my father has passed on from this life. I know he would frequent this site for ideas/inspiration from all of you and maybe strut his stuff from time to time. He[...]

Porsche 962C Hasegawa

Oh no!!! California Steve has returned! And it's about time. Oh my how life gets in the way. All good, and I figured since seeing all the really great race car builds I would throw in my humble offerings. A basic, and I mean basic kit. But a lot[...]

The 1st marine fighter squadron arrived at the…

The 1st marine fighter squadron arrived at the Northern front of Russia on 19.08.1918. At first, the squad had Newpors-17 and 24bis. The squadron's aircraft received female diminutive names. The aircraft were painted on the rudder and fuselages [...]

Visit to the Colorado aviation museum Part 2: The Link

Before I saw it, I didn't know that such a thing existed. I think that this would be an interesting subject as a scratch build in the future.

What was your first model?

There's an interesting thread over at The Other Place in answer to the question, what was the first model you built? I'll start. My dad built my first models for me: a Strombecker solid wood B-29 and B-24, both painted silver. The first plasti[...]