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SAS 75th anniversary

Tomorrow, August 1st, it is 75 years ago that Scandinavian Airlines System was created by gathering some of the oldest airlines in existence; DDL, DNL and ABA (SILA). As a consequence of its age and the items used to run an airline, there sho[...]

‘Make sure you always carry a spare.’

Don't remember where I found this shot, Hmm maybe it's time to do another Phantom..

Scratch Build Truck Scale

I was thinking of a complete diorama but the idea I had for it would make the diorama too big. So I opted this method, as a display mantle instead. used lots of styrene and old school cutting to get the job done.

Anyone need paint?

The classified section seems to have disappeared, so.... A year or so ago, a friend on a road trip came upon a hobby shop that was closing and stopped in to see what was left. Knowing I was a plastic modeler, he bought their entire remaining s[...]

Somewhat Out of the Norm

The Tamiya family of 1/48th scale FockeWulf 190s have long been pilloried by certain elements of the modeling community as being heavily flawed, to the point where some have even stated that the kits aren't worth building. I've always enjoyed th[...]

325th FG P-51D Checkertail done!

Haven't posted much on this since in work photos of Tamiya's 1/32 P-51D abound on the net. I used Draw decals checkers after failing many times with masking and then trying to cut our my own. They fit quite well. Lots of Barracuda detail sets[...]

Odds and Ends: Various Subjects of a Scattered Mind

In a previous article, I mentioned to save space, cost, time, and sanity, I narrowed my collective focus to "Aviation, 1/48 scale, up to September 1945." Before that cut off decision was made, I dabbled in a lot of various subjects and scales. N[...]

The Airfix pilot dream

This is a short story regarding an old build, found here at and published first on . I hope you like it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Airfix Pilot Dream Once I bu[...]

Fujimi 1/24 Ford GT40 MkII – ’66 Le Mans

Hi there, This was being built in the background whilst I'm struggling with the Lysander. Something that kind of fell together. Some errors on my part. I forgot to put the rear view mirror in and made a bit of a mess of the tyre logos. The door [...]

International Space Station (in Paper)

I am the ghost of Christmas past.... It’s been three or four years since I posted anything here, mainly because I don’t build models anymore. That said, for reasons still unclear to me, I decided to build a 1:100 model of the ISS in paper, act[...]