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1:48 Scale, Accurate Miniatures TBM-3 "Avenger"

Calling this one DONE! One of my favorite kits to build, (I've built three...). The kit overall suffers from a wee bit of over engineering, (As in you won't see most of what's in the fuselage...). The fit and level of detail is very well [...]

Hi all, There are going fast. Containers of...

Hi all, There are going fast. Containers of remaining WW1 models from Wingnut Wings are being shipped to distributers. So far, shipments are going to: Modellbau König (Germany) Sprue Brothers (USA) Andy's Hobby Headquarters (USA) Hannants [...]

Landwasser Schlepper 1/35

Ciao, here some pics of my Landawasser Schlepper made few years ago. The kit from Hppy Boss was very funny and interesting and I had some extra tools and the crew. See you soon Paolo

Tale of Two Mossies

The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito was a WW2 British twin-engined, multirole combat aircraft. In contrast to most other aircraft of that time, its frame and fuselage and wings were constructed mostly of plywood. Fuselage, wings and [...]

When I close my eyes I see teeeny tiiiny stencils.....Tamiya 1/48 F-4B

I won't add much to the narrative of what a great kit this is, but one feature I really enjoyed was the folded wing option. I used Furball decals for the VF-84 markings (anyone else think their national insignia is too light of a blue?) [...]

My First Natural Metal Finish

This is an Academy 1/48 MiG-21 that I built to do in natural metal finish, my first. I used the technique found in AK’s book FAQ using Tamiya paints primarily along with other things such as pencil lead, both drawn on and powdered. I was [...]

NIKE Hercules missle launcher with loading platform

I couldn't resist this any longer. I have been eyeing this kit for years. It really is well-engineered. Everything fit together nicely and getting all the hydraulics in place was very enjoyable. I did some research on the loading platform [...]

Models I had to work at

The Spitfires I posted were modern well-detailed kits that fit together nicely. So I decided to post some of my more trying kits this time. FM-2- This is the Sword kit. Thank god for spares boxes. This kit decided to fight me from the [...]

1/35 Katapult Walter Schleuderrohr (V-1 Launch ramp)

Katapult Walter Schleuderrohr.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Aviation has been a large part of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s history. To preserve it , the Air & Space Museum was created to show case items that have a link to Tulsa’s aviation history. Today I visited it for the first time in a couple of [...]