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Engine engine…

Continuing on with the Atlantis/Revell Allison Turbo Prop, aka T56 engine. Here is the compressor section just about wrapped up. Still have the door assembly to do.

Voltigeur Officer 1815

Metal Modelels 54mm Oils Painted about 4 years ago

Thank you Robert Royes, aka roofrat!

A late arrival, mostly due to me because I havent been here in a week to check the mail, but I would like to thank Mr. Robert Royes, who sent me this 1/48 scale M4 Sherman and Fw 190 by monogram. This came with a display, so keep an eye out, Rob[...]

Airbrush Ideas

Hey yall. I've been considering saving up for an airbrush so I can make my painting easier and better. Do any of you know of a trustworthy and well made one?

Atlantis Turbo prop!

I am so happy Atlantis has started re-popping these old Revell, Monogram an Aurora kits. If you could have found one of these the price would have been prohibitive. For me my wife got me this for Christmas! It is very much like the engines I [...]

From the cheap seats,2019 review

T'was a pretty good year, though the F-111B, F-105F, and the M8 tractor were lost during renovations to the house, but we had two weddings, my daughters'' and a nieces'. Merry New Year to all and let's hope for some peace.

My 2019 Projects

Not an overly productive year. But did complete some interesting projects. Partly due to trying some more complex subjects....1/48th scale P-51 vignette, twin engine a/c, and a cool soft skin. Also the result of having 4 WIPs in the closing mo[...]

Missing Armada from groups

What ever happened to the Armada group site for work in progress for floaty things?

turbofan used

Continuing with my tests with the 3d printer, every time I understand the operation and how the different resins work. I am still far from perfection but it gives me some other satisfaction. This model of a turbofan high bypass. I have download[...]

I managed to finish 13 in 2019…

I'm still new here so I thought I'd share my 2019 builds - Happy New Year everyone! My Flickr model album: