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Marty returns

A while back I posted photos of a mutt who appeared on our flight line. We had him a few days until base security took him. he was so docile that we were able dress and pose him around the aircraft. I modified the sled dogs from the Ford Tri-mo[...]

1/72 Academy F/A-18A RAAF Hornet

Hi Everyone Finished this one that has been sitting around for sometime..... It is OOB bar the decals which are from Ronin Decals and features a 77 Squadron RAAF Hornet from Operation Okra 2017. Loadout not 100% accurate as only had kit parts to[...]

de Havilland Group Build

Just wanted to remind you that we have passed the half-mark for the DH100GB, and if you have a build to get started there it may be now that you want to make your initial posting on the build. Go to the groups section and find it there; There[...]

Box Scale Monogram B-26 Invader

Not a quick build as expected but it turned out nice. Nose weights added to keep her grounded. MM Non-Buffing Aluminum and Sealer (I like that stuff). Strictly out of the box and amazingly the old kit decals survived with a bit of help. Hope[...]

Getting Back in the Saddle Redux

Several of you yesterday mentioned the photos should be larger to get a better look at the model. I hope these turn out better. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Gary

Getting back in the Saddle

After a loooonnnggg hiatus after retiring from the military, I recently decided to get back in the hobby and also write a first post. This is one of my first, the Revell Porsche Jr. 108 tractor. I saw an article here a while back that inspired m[...]

More 1/35 Atlantikwall stuff

German 28cm gun turret . The photos might not capture it well …….but all the bolts have a square hole in the middle, this was the only tedious job of the build .

If someone made model kits of cars like this…

I would be a Car Guy Modeler in an instant! Price no object! "The lines are positively indecent" - Road & Track Magazine The Teardrop. Otherwise known as the 1938 Talbot-Lago T150C SS teardrop coupe, chassis number 90108, current value $7.[...]

T-55 A MiniArt