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Time Travel

Hi there iModelers! Here is another project from my shelf... Initially, this kit was released by Heller back in the 1970s. In the 1980s, I was given the opportunity to drive a bike like this myself. It was a friend‘s bike and since then I coul[...]

On This Day...February 22nd

RAF Air Transport Auxilliary ferry pilot, Veronica, sits in her Spitfire, February 22nd, 1943. ______________ Four caskets containing 22nd Marines, Parry Island, Eniwetok, February 22nd, 1944. _______________ 22nd February 1944. A TBM Av[...]

On This Day...February 21st

In the town of Rath, during Operation ‘Grenade’, the plan for the 9th Army to cross the Roer in Rhineland, Germany. The Ninth Army was finally able to cross the river on 23 February, by which time other Allied forces were also close to the Rh[...]

On This Day...February 20th

On February 20, 1942, Lt. Edward O’Hare took off from the aircraft carrier USS Lexington in a raid against the Japanese at Rabaul and landed as America’s first flying ‘ace’. Rabaul, a small town at the very Northern tip of New Britain island,[...]

Introducing myself

Hello there @ iModeler! Today, I want to show you some pictures of my current life as a modeler. The first picture is showing me meeting Mig Jiménez at the Nuremberg Toy Fair about 2 weeks ago; this was one of my highlights early this year. Furt[...]

On This Day…February 13th

On Saturday February 13, 1943 flight of 12 F4Us from VMF-124 escorted Thirteenth Air Force B-24 bombers to Bougainville, the longest escort mission of the war in the Solomons at the time. This was the Corsair’s very first combat mission, thoug[...]

Potez 633 RHAF Azur 1/48

On This Day…January 28th

On the 28th January, 1942, Robert Stanford-Tuck, one of the most celebrated RAF aces (29 kills to his credit and five ‘probables’) was shot down by anti-aircraft fire while on a ‘harassing’ mission over France. He had the bad luck (not the fir[...]

Group Build idea : Teeth & Fangs

Men always resorted to the animal kingdom imaginary as a mean to bring up those primary fears, those that came from times where men wasn’t still the top of the food chain. So adorning shields, flags and weaponry with feared animals became a mean[...]

On This Day…January 21st

In the morning of 21 Jan 1945, Ticonderoga (CV-14) aircraft, along with others of Task Force 38, attacked airbases at Formosa in the South China Sea. During these raids, the Ticonderoga was hit twice by kamikaze pilots. Despite the heroic effort[...]