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WW1 British 8 inch howitzer.

Scratch built ww1 British 8 inch howitzer.copied from pictures,made from pine and ply.

Vickers machine gun

Scratch built Vickers machine gun,copied from pictures.Not sure of the scale. Made from pine.

British sniper rifle

Scratch built British L115A3 sniper rifle.Made from pine, 320mm long.

WW2 rifles

Six ww2 rifles,approximately 300mm long.Made of oak.

Lewis machine gun.

Scratch built Lewis machine gun,16 inches long,made of pine.Copied from pictures.

E-100 What if … 1/72 Modelcollect

First attempt of "What if..." model kit. Just pure imagination.

Progress Report

After a very long period of being dormant, I've actually made some progress. I have six models ready for the spray booth: 1/48 Tamiya Sherman: Great kit and easy build. Nothing bad to say. 1/48 Tamiya T-34/76: Ditto. Great kit and easy build. [...]


US M3 White Scout Car used by Canadian troops. Any suggestions,comments questions are gladly accepted.

F/A-18C Dambuster ”Chippy Ho”

Kit from Hobby Boss in 1/48 the decals was horrible I painted the eagle with small brushes. First 1/48 scale model in my branch.

Bf-109 E4 Dragon 1/32

This model represents Franz von Wero's aircraft from the Battle of Britain. This model has bothered me a little. However, the result I think is to watch. Models and Wet Transferod from HGW were used on the model. the belts are a little bit harde[...]