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Just a little news

October 16, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 6 · 0.6K

For those on Facebook, I have started a new page, "Naval Aviation 1911-56." Since no one else had started a specific page for naval aviation, it fills a blank, and it allows me to publicize my books. But other authors are encouraged to post information about their books, artists examples of their work, etc. Dan Farnham, who dives 365 days a year in the Central Pacific (lives on Kwajalein) is posting pix of Central Pacific sunken aviation wrecks. Lots of other knowledgeable folks are joining and contributing. Friend "Thomas Cleaver Los Angeles," and then request membership in "Naval Aviation 1911-56."


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  1. Dan posts pics from time to time over on that "other site", but I haven't seen any in quite a while. Unfortunately, I don't do that 'social networking' stuff...none of it. E-mail and texting is my technological limit.

    • Craig,
      I'm with you. I refuse to embroil myself in Facebook,Twitter, or any of the other social media sites. I like this site for what it is. I don't need or want to tweet or tell whatever I'm doing each and every minute of the day. Too many know too much about all of us as it is.

  2. Craig and Frank, I'm with you two, call me old fashioned if you like... but who really needs it?

  3. Well, in one week, Naval Aviation site brought enough visitors (not just those who joined) that I sold 100 copies of "Air Combat Annals," which will make a nice New Year's present when I get my author's royalties. 🙂

  4. BTW - it's entirely possible to shape your FB experience so you don't get any of the stuff you all complain about, and it's simple enough I am sure even you guys can figure out without instructions (if I can anyone can).

  5. Yeah, OK, good job, but couldn't those people have bought your book on the internet anyway? I still don't see any reason why I should go on to Facebook or Twitter (T**t means a silly person!).

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