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How-to: Weathering With Pin Washes, Streaking and Fading · on youtube

Here's a useful 12-minute video tutorial on applying Pin Washes for Panel Lines, Streaking and Fading.
[by Genessis Models via Youtube]

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  1. Never too late to view a nice "refresher" tutorial video (nicely done, by the way), even if you've already done this or used this technique in previous builds. One might always pickup a new tip or two here and there.
    Ironic (at least to me), that the subject matter was J.C.Myers P-51...I just got through watching an episode of "Dogfights" in which that aircraft was featured.

  2. I'm sure this is good, Martin, and I would love to watch it, but the Great Chinese Firewall prevents me from going on to Youtube...oh, well, someday maybe!

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