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'How To' Tutorial - Chipping 101

Join me and Jack(ie) T. Ripper as we show you how to get nice, shiny, natural metal chipping on your model using chipping fluid. Might contain several bad jokes and internet culture tropes. · on youtube

The importance of the research phase and build plan.

If you’re an old sweat when it comes to modelling, this article is more than likely to be teaching you to suck eggs, and you are probably unlikely to find anything new or helpful within it. However, if you are new or relatively new, you [...]

Tamiya Mark Fit -Super Strong- Demonstration

I'm going to be testing out Tamiya's newest decal solvent. I've had mixed results with their "Strong" formula so I'm hopeful that this newest product is as "Super Strong" as they claim. I'll also be testing it along [...]

How to make a metal plate out of cardboard

I've been asked, many times over, how I achieved the steel plate loads, I did for a build, many years ago. It's not the most updated fancy method, that everyone seems to be doing today, but it works and give pretty much the same results. [...]

Test Trail Water Effects Using Toilet Paper

Test Trail Water Effects Using Toilet Paper: Now, I am no way an expert, so what you see here is purely amateurish. Compared to some of the water effects I've seen by amazing artist, this cannot be compared. So go easy on me and perhaps [...]

Assembling and Using a Model Jig

For over 20 years I’ve been lusting after a jig to hold my model airplanes in place so I can work on them without gumming up everything with fingerprints, glue splotches, errant paint and breakage. I was just too cheap to buy one. I [...]

Rubber Dam Material for Scale Modeling

This video shows a few ways that I use dental rubber dam material as a paint mask for scale models.

Rivet Detail With Fine Wire

This video explains how to create rivet detail with fine wire pins.

Masking with Kapton Tape

I received a lot of questions and comments on how and why I use kapton tape for masking on the models I build. I wrote up an small article on both how and why and placed it in the Tips and Tricks section. at [...]

Sunlight Photography : N1K2-J Shiden Kai -1/32

With Spring finally here, I decided to do some outdoor photography. I rigged up a two-sided light tent on my deck. In shooting this model previously, a lot of the pre-shading mottling effect was lost in indoor lighting. In some ways, [...]