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Video: Weekend Project Garage Diorama with Chevy S-10 1/25 Scale Model Pickup

Video: Easy Spider Web Effect For Your Dioramas #Shorts

Looking for ARVN tank crew figures...

I'm not sure this is an appropriate place to ask for help, but I couldn't find a dedicated "space" for help questions. If this article doesn't fit here, please feel free to move or delete, but I'm hoping someone will have some [...]

DIY Paint Stand

After hours of looking at paint stands on multiple different websites I was about to buy one off of Hobby Zone when I walked into my old modeling room and saw an old Valho wall paint rack on the floor. This gave me the idea to use the [...]

How to easily strip paint using DettolPaint stripping 101 · on youtube

Video: Building The Tamiya F-4B Phantom II Part 2

How to easily apply Sprue Goo/GlueSprue goo/glue 101

As asked for by @anthonyricco, a quick tutorial on using sprue glue/goo · on youtube

Weathered Steel Garage Doors Made simple

I did this many years ago. I thought someone might find it interesting. These scratch build, steel doors were made using thin aluminum plates I bought at a hobby store, which I cut to size, with a pair of scissors. I weathered using these [...]

How to easily make Sprue Goo/GlueSprue goo/glue 101 · on youtube

Weathered/damaged tyres & Wheels

Weathering tyres can be just as satisfying as modeling an entire model. Here are some that I did, which most of you have already seen. I used Citadel Mournfang Brown, and graveyard brown, and earth/brown filter/shade colors to add depth. I [...]