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Video: BMW 2002 Turbo 1/24 Hasegawa Scale Model Car

Multi Tape Dispenser For Tamiya Masking Tapes (And Others)

I've been looking for a dispenser to hold my various Tamiya masking tapes as well as a scribing tape and tape for curves (also Tamiya). The device needs to hold 1" core tape rolls. Unfortunately, all the ones I found were either [...]

Up Your Painting Game With this Easy Dry Brushing Tutorial


Video: Building SBD5 Dauntless Italeri 1/48 & Multilayer Post Shade Weathering Tutorial

A Few Ways To Make Masking Easier


Bleaching/post shading tutorial to up your airbrushing game


Streaking And Oil Dot Filters.


Video: Multilayer Weathering and Painting with AcrylicsKi84 Hayate Cockpit in 1:32 Scale

Fifth Wheel Weathering

Fifth Wheel Weathering MIG's oil & grease solution Vaseline MIG's black, rust & dust pigments

Master the Art of Paint Stripping with Dettol